The Sanchez Brothers: A Study in Success

Over Ten Years of the Strength Report

The Camaraderie

Hal Mumme – The Godfather of the Air Raid Offense

Fire Zone Blitz

Your Take: I Hate Banquets (Part I)

Conditioning for an Aggressive, Up-Tempo Offensive System

Post- Season Priorities - Wrapping up one season and transitioning to the next are critical times for successful programs

3-STEP PASSING ROUTE CONCEPTS - Various ‘concepts’ gives the quarterback run and pass options for each play.

A Special Coach of the Year

A Quick, Simple, High Rep Progression for Defeating Blocks

The Psychology of Football

An In-Season Strength and Conditioning Strategy

Leadership Strategies: In Need of a New Direction

Texas Legend Phil Danaher

Warhawk Special Team Play – Technique and Drills

Shrug Off Predictability with Formation Adjustments, Not Checks – Offensive coaches, now more than ever, are using non-traditional sets to gain an advantage on the defense.

The Drive Series – It is critical for the QB to read coverage early for this series of plays to be successful.

3-4 Front with Quarters Coverage: Base Front Variations – These four variations of the 3-4 defense may help your defense with one more player having ‘drop skills.’

AFM Subscribers Ask with Shawn Liotta Offensive Coordinator, Clairton High School (PA)

Letter from AFM – The Best of the Best

Developing Physical Linebacker Play

Turning Up Motivation in the Dog Days of August

A Strategy for Team Building

Coaching HD – Technology to Prepare Your Team in Camp and During the Season

Letter from AFM - Hat's Off to You, Coach

Are You Short on Big Linemen? If so, you should consider playing a stand-up Will End

Why We Do What We Do - A Look Inside Clemson's Strength and Conditioning Program.

Wisconsin: Developing a Defensive Game Plan

Using Zones for Kickoff Coverage – recognizing where you are on kickoff coverage allows your players..

Technology Steps Up – Aided by recent rules changes, tech companies now give coaches valuable new tools to analyze games in real time.

Coaching HD: Train the Brain

Letter from AFM - Samson Strong

Drills Report: Quarterback Drills You Can Use At Any Level

Coach to Coach: Developing a Motivational Profile with 4 Essential Questions

Samson Equipment's Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Year for 2014

The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense – A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation

Letter from AFM – Winning Ways

Strength Report: Indiana’s Off-Season Training Philosophy

Managing Your Program: Advance Your Team with Technology

Rawlings Football 2014 College and High School Coaches of the Year

A Nine-Week Off Season Super-Cycle Strength and Conditioning Program

Multi Media Educator

Maximize Practice Time with Special Team Drills

Imagery: Practice Without Practice

Safety First: Be Safe in Your Weight Room (Part II)

Running for Sparty: Michigan State Running Back Essentials, Fundamentals and Abilities

Simulating Game Action with 3 Linebacker Drills

Helmet Maintenance 101

Letter from AFM: 2014 - Was Something Missing?

Safety First: Be Safe In Your Weight Room (Part I)

Drills Report: Running and Tackling Drills - A Twist for TNT Drills

Coach to Coach: Energy Regulation - The Pressure and the Phenom

Building Blocks

Cashing In - Use some of these creative fundraising techniques to bring extra dollars to your program and motivate players.

Wild Bunch - Stress out defenses with the Bunch Passing Game

Managing Your Program: Evaluating Staff - Creating an Environment For Success

Character is the Key

Aggie Upgrade - With the help of their friends and neighbors at Samson Equipment, New Mexico State completed a major renovation to their strength and conditioning facility.

Letter From AFM: We're Listening

Safety First: Keeping Equipment Clean - In-Season

Coach to Coach: The Mental Fundamentals - Attention Control and Concentration

Five on the Line - The 5-man defensive front is making a comeback – especially against traditional run-first offenses.

Options Galore - To be successful running a multiple option offense from the gun and pistol, every player must identify the read key and the option key.

Updating the Pistol-Flex Offense - Five new enhancements make this offense even more effective.

Zone Defense on the Goal Line - To be efficient in this zone defense, give each player a specific responsibility.

Fueling Champions

Letter From AFM: Kickoff 2014

Safety First: Head Injury Checklist

Coach to Coach: The Mental Fundamentals – Motor Programming

A Complete In-Season Training Program

Best of the Best

Icing on the Cake

Prevention of Exertional Heat-Related Illnesses

From the Coaches Bookshelf: Maturing Process

A Question of CHARACTER

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Safety First: Concussion Management and Return-to-Play Protocol

A Lifetime in the Game – Troy Vincent has transitioned from collegiate All-American to All-Pro to player’s association president to top NFL executive

Pressure Packed – Game-like drills will help your quarterback make good decisions.

Your Take: Expanding Your Coaching Network

David vs Goliath

Having the Right Mouthguard

Your Take: Win The Offseason: Organization Matters


Major Undertaking

FREE FORM - Running Back Drill and Technique Checklist


Letter from AFM – Social Studies

The Coach’s Role on the Athletic Health Care Team

The Business of Coaching - Joe Moglia is a prime example of how success in business and coaching go hand-in-hand.

A-Turf® Titan: the Industry's Best-Performing Artificial Turf System

Champion Communicators

Solid Foundation

Lessons from Leaders

Letter from AFM – Coach, Writer, Friend

Speed Report: Can You Improve Your Quarterback’s Speed?

Safety First: Good Nutrition – Part of Your Health and Safety Plan

Drills Report: Fumble, Strip and Interception Drills

Samson Equipment’s Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Year

Developing a Defensive Foundation

Practice Priorities - All high school coaches benefit from the practice plan developed for the NFL High School Player Development program presented by the National Guard

Thoughts from an HSPD Veteran

FREE FORM - Special Team Statistics

Letter from AFM: Crowning Achievement

Strength Report: Writing the Winter Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Program, Part I

Safety First: Modify With Care

Cheat Sheets - Making the Most Out of Your Play Calling System

Shining Stars

Letter from AFM

Safety First: Deadly Opponent

Fast-Paced and Powerful – The No-Huddle Power Pistol offense includes five different tempos, all designed to confuse the defense.

Red Zone Rescue – Using a separate red zone offensive package can confuse the defense.

Step Lively! Linebacker Movements vs. the Run


Going Camping

Letter from AFM - Getting Stronger

Speed Report: The Off-Season - Preparing for Advanced Level Training

Safety First: Time to Recondition

Fantastic Finish

Letter from AFM - Football Evolution

Trojan Training Table

Drills Report: The Reach Doug Down Drill

Safety First: Is your Weight Room a Safe Room?

Two Minute Crunch Time: 'Go-To' Plays and a Clock-Killing Strategy

Multiple Looks from a 3-4 Defense to Slow Down an Up-Tempo Offense

The Birth Of The Football Chalk Talk?

Urban Legend

Coaching Rewards

Safety First: Protection Program

Fine-Tuning: Adapting the Spread Offense to Your Personnel

D-Line Rules vs. Outside Zone and Zone Read

Managing your Program - “Flipped” Coaching

Top of the Heap

Safety First – Pre-Season Safety Checklist

When Winning Matters, Championship Coaches Choose CoachComm

Unqualified Success

Tips for Rural Schools: Gridiron Success

Letter from AFM

Safety First – Beat the Heat

Zoned Out – Stop the zone read cold with Steve Specht’s “Read Scheme”

Taking the Lead

Letter from AFM – Breaking Barriers

Coach to Coach – Change of Season

High Roller! – Since Tony Sanchez was named head coach, Bishop Gorman has won four consecutive Nevada State Championships and posted an overall 56-4 record.

The Competition Heats Up

Letter from AFM - Helping Hand

Safety First – Culture Shift: Changing the culture of football to reduce violent injuries.

Camp Season

Champion’s Choice - Three dominating high school state champions rely on CoachComm’s Tempest FX system for reliable, clear sideline communication

Letter from AFM

Safety First – Contact In Practice – Is It Worth It?

From the Coaches Bookshelf – Earn the Right To Win – By Tom Coughlin with David Fisher

Trick Plays: the “Trojan Horse” of Football

Tools for Success

Restoring Relevance


Safety First – Training for Safety

Record Setters

Safety First – Stronger Necks = Fewer Injuries

Coach to Coach – Want to Use a Faster Tempo as a Weapon? Be Creative in Deciding How

Welcome to the Pre-Season

Buckle Up

Keeping Score - Ways to Keep Your Off-Season Strength Program Competitive


Who is the Typical AFM Reader?

The Speed Report - Combination Movement Skill Drills FOR THE SECONDARY

Knowing the signs of concussion will help you protect your players.

The Pirate Returns - Mike Leach brings his high-powered but surprisingly simple passing offense to Washington State

Subscribers Ask - With Tony Sanchez Head Coach • Bishop Gorman (NV)

RED ZONE COVERAGES AND PHILOSOPHY To shut down a passing attack near the goal line, consider cover 7.

Big Man on Campus

COMPLEXITY Using Complex Warm-Ups to Jump Start Your Athlete’s Workout

Strategies to Overcome a Poor Start

Reliable Performer

Play Like a Champion

Tournament Time

Drills Report – 13 Advanced Punting Ideas and Drills

Safety First – Teaching safe tackling technique can reduce head and neck injuries and help protect the game’s future.


Managing Your Program

Using the 3-5-3 to Stay One Step Ahead

Letter from AFM - Saluting Mentors

Drills Report – Ball Security – 4 Running Back Drills to Prevent Turnovers

The Fix Is In – Adjusting your defense at halftime and during the game can pay big dividends.

Tiger Feeding Time

Louisiana Legend

Letter From The Editor/Publisher - Number Cruncher

Different Looks from the 4-3 Defensive Scheme - To be effective as a defense, it’s critical to give multiple looks and disguise coverage on every play.

Developing Footwork for Your O-Linemen

Coaching to Make the Game Safer

Your Take – Get the Head Out of Football

Stopping Power – Part II – Basic Coverages in the 4-2-5

Coach to Coach – Off-Season Priorities

Muddle Hd” The New Age Muddle Huddle Two-Point Formation

Letter from AFM - Happy Holidays

The Spread Wing-T Passing Game – Using the Spread Wing-T gives your playmakers opportunities to make big plays.

The Power Run Game and the Spread Offense – Can They Co-Exist?

Playoff Prep – Good strategy during the season can increase your chances of success in the post-season.

Encouraging Your QB to Keep the Ball During the Zone Option Play, is all about Numbers

Education: A New Pillar for Modern Sports

How Much Does Crowd Noise Really Affect Your Team?

Great Expectations – How do coaches like Bob Stoops manage high expectations or overcome low ones?

The Heat Is On – In the hottest months of the year, coaches need to watch for any signs of heat illness.

Your Take – Risky Business


Steuerwald’s Rules – A coaching legend shares his guidelines for designing and implementing an effective pre-season practice schedule.

Take Your Quarterback From Good to Great.

8-Week Summer Strength & Conditioning Program – A FBS strength & conditioning coach gives you a complete and comprehensive lifting and running schedule for high schools with detailed workout charts.

Making the Game Safer

Sack Attack – Troy’s Defensive Ends Coach Randy Butler reveals their strategy to attack the quarterback.

Tackle Safe – Bobby Hosea’s pioneering tackling technique protects players from devastating head injuries.

Education: A New Pillar for Modern Sports

Desert Dominance

Feeding the Ducks

AFM’s 2010 High School Coach of the Year Tony Heath Pearland (TX)

Resounding Success

Your Take: Time To Get Enlightened

Flying Ducks – Oregon’s Prolific Fast-Paced Offense Presents Monumental Challenges to Defenses


Guru of the Golden Arms

Strength Report: Summer Conditioning-Mental and Physical Preparation for a Championship Season

Portable Perspective

Clutch Performer

What Has Happened To High School Football? - Part I

Superior Solution

Drills Report: Making Improvements In Your D-Line Pass Rush

Clear Choice

Most Valuable Player

Gator Powerhouse

Longhorn Legend

Superior Solution

Zone Blitz - Putting Pressure on the Decision Maker

Positive Point of View

Starting from Scratch

Proven Performer

Seeing is Believing

Football Video – The Right Way

The Trend to Turf

Reshaping the Shoulder Pad Industry – Again

Turf Safety – The Verdict Is In

Charlie Stubb's Offensive Line Video Study Worksheet

Beaver Brawn

Halftime Adjustments

Results For Recruits

Stretching the Field With Your Tight End

32 Solutions for the 12 Biggest Problems You'll Face this Season

Building Better Bruins

Starting Over

Undisputed Results

The Triple Screen

Single Source

AFM Subscribers Ask...with Wisconsin-Whitewater's Lance Leipold

Renowned Rivalry

iFutbol Fever!

The Wildcat Spin

The Drills Report: Connecticut Secondary Drills

How to Choose a Video System That's Right for You

Fueling Champions

Leatherheads - AFM Goes to Hollywood

Champion's Choice

4 Principles of Play Action Passing

Powerful Performance

Test for Success

The Choice of Champions

No Compromises

Where Tradition Begins

The Similarities Between Coaching Football and Investing

Success Story

Common Bond

The Strength Report: Developing the Explosive Athlete - Auburn's Off Season Tra

How Kent State Creates Leaders through Year-Round Competition

Unsung Heroes

Arena Advantage

The Speed Report: Preparing for Football Performance: Proper Warm Ups

Major Upgrade

Coastal Carolina In-Season Offensive Practice Outline

Letter From the Editor: Offense vs. Defense: Keeping it Competitive

Technique Over Talent

Headset Heaven

The Drills Report: Ball Security Drills

The Pistol Offense - Part II

Training Revolution

Converting on Third Down

A New Way to Communicate

Drills Report: 10 Advanced Drills for Wide Receivers


Establishing a Dominant 4-Man Pass Rush

The Drills Report: Wartburg College's Cut Block Circuit

The Strength Report: Running Backs and Wide Receivers

The Spin: The Greatest Offense You've Never Heard Of

Coaches: Ways to Lose a Football Game

The Drills Report

Maximizing Your Down Lineman in the 3-5-3 Defense

Missouri: From the Shotgun to the Shovel Pass

The Center / Quarterback Exchange

Linfield's Flat Drop Drills

Head Start - Strength Programs Are Now Starting in Junior Highs

Free team websites offered to every high school in the U.S

The Spacing Concept: How to Maximize Your Offense

Point Counterpoint: Defending the Kickoff vs. Maximizing your Kickoff Return

How to Climb the Coaching Ladder of Success

The Secrets of Urban Meyer's Spread Option Offense

Hide and Seek: Disguising Your Blitz

Its All About Options

Inside Linebacker Play & Progression

The High-Powered Shotgun Option Offense vs. Defending the Option

Building More than Strength

Deep Impact: Redhawk Punt Team: Protection and Coverage

Secret Weapon: Turning your Punt Team into an Offensive Weapon

10 Impact Stats to Build a High Scoring Machine #3 Scoring Offense

Point Counterpoint: The Screen Pass

Overcoming a Devastating Defeat

Correcting Mistakes: Effective halftime defensive adjustments

Attacking the Red Zone by Air

The Staff Report

2004 Hot Coaches

Command of the Line

The Punt: The Most Important Play in Football?

NFL Coach of the Year - Bill Belichick