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March 2014

March 2014

Thoughts from an HSPD Veteran

© March 2014

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Craig Jacoby, who is the site manager for the Rockland, New York, HSPD camp, has over a decade of experience with the program and has seen first-hand how it has benefitted hundreds of high school athletes. We asked him about the camp experience for athletes and the value of the DVD to coaches.

AFM: How do HSPD athletes respond to the college-level drills at HSPD camps?
Jacoby: In my experience, the players who attend HSPD are getting a training experience that canít be duplicated by practicing only with their high school team. First, they are working with players from other programs and the level of ability and competition is raised since there are more talented players at HSPD each day. Second, the drills are fast-paced and simulate the tempo of how a college practice will actually be run. There isnít a lot of standing around. Players move from drill to drill quickly with the coaches working to maximize repetitions in each segment and coaching players on the fly. Lastly, youíre getting a ready-made curriculum that focuses on teaching techniques that are presented by a college staff. These cutting-edge drills are demonstrated on the DVD so everyone coaching at HSPD is on the same page.

AFM: How is the practice plan DVD a benefit to coaches at the HSPD camp and high school coaches everywhere?
Jacoby: The DVDs have great credibility because they are produced by top college coaches who are on the cutting edge of the game. They create drills that are designed to train players for football situations. I particularly enjoy when coaches show tape of their players performing the drills and then when they include a clip from a game where the player is actually using the technique that was trained in practice. High School coaches spend the off-season going to clinics and listening to college coaches discuss their strategies and techniques, so getting a high quality DVD that we can watch over and over and share with our players is of great value to me and my staff. Since the HSPD program started back in 2000, the NFL has consistently produced high-quality training videos that we use again and again. We have a library of fundamental techniques from some of the smartest minds in college football.

AFM: What makes HSPD camps unique?
Jacoby: Having been involved in HSPD since itís beginning, Iíve watched it evolve and continuously grow in positive ways. There is an emphasis on safety and character development that helps coaches to continually provide high quality football education to players. Best of all is that since there is no charge for participation, the program is highly inclusive. Providing free, high-quality football training to all athletes regardless of their economic situation is invaluable to the high school football community.

GET INVOLVED Getting involved in the NFL HSPD program lets you give back to the game, gives your players a chance to compete in the National 7-on-7 Tournament, and provides young athletes with a great opportunity to become better football players and better individuals. 

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