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If you could ask a specific coach any questions, what would they be? In August, American Football Monthly premiered 'AFM Subscribers Ask...' with Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach. The Red Raiders ranked #1 in Passing Offense last fall. Coach Leach answsered your questions in AFM's August issue. For September, Carroll College (MT) Head Coach Mike Van Diest responded to your questions. A near legendary coach in the NAIA, Carroll has captured the last four NAIA Championships.

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AFM Subscribers Ask -

AFM Subscribers Ask: November 2007 - Deadline September 20th
November: Portland State's new Coach Jerry Glanville answers your questions. After two years in Hawaii as defensive coordinator, Glanville becomes the head man at PSU.

AFM Subscribers Ask: December 2007 - Deadline October 20th
New Mexico State's Hal Mumme answers your questions. The architect of revitalizing struggling programs, Mumme has helped turnaround Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State, Kentucky, and Southeastern Louisiana. He's trying to do the same at New Mexico State.

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