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No Huddle Power Pistol

Grand Junction Head Coach Robbie Owens interview with Rex Lardner on the No Huddle Power Pistol Offense.

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New DVD's Coming Soon

New Premiere DVDs Coming Soon to!

Adapting the Up Tempo Spread to Today's Wing-T

Left: Rex Lardner Interviews Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Head Coach Lew Johnston on this exciting set of Up Tempo Spread Wing-T videos.

1. Installation 67 mins
2. The Run Game 74 mins
3. The Run Game Bonus Footage Game Film
4. The Passing Game 76 mins
5. The Passing Game Bonus Footage Game Film
6. Attacking Defenses 71 mins

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LB Call: We use this when we want to block the “regular” Pitch Key defender in order to give the defense something more to think about; instead of reading the OLB as #2, the QB will read the Safety to his side as #2 (Pitch Key). Views (29)

Pairing Zone Read and Power Read to Attack Across the Defensive Front

The read game allows the offense to attack the defense where they become weakest based on post snap keys. The power read allows for a gap scheme read concept that attacks inside and outside in one direction at the same time. The zone option allows for an A-Gap to A-Gap inside run that can hit …

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Ideas to Test in Spring Practice

Spring practice is a time for coaches to develop their players in every way without the pressure of real games.  Most importantly, the fundamentals (blocking and tackling) of the game have the opportunity to be retaught and emphasized while creating a culture of physicality and toughness.  Finally, the spring allows for the opportunity to try …

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