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No Huddle No Mercy Offense

No Huddle No Mercy Offense


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Adapting the Up Tempo Spread to Today's Wing-T

Left: Rex Lardner Interviews Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Head Coach Lew Johnston on this exciting set of Up Tempo Spread Wing-T videos.

1. Installation 67 mins
2. The Run Game 74 mins
3. The Run Game Bonus Footage Game Film
4. The Passing Game 76 mins
5. The Passing Game Bonus Footage Game Film
6. Attacking Defenses 71 mins

Online X's & O's

Catching Up ? A Great Time of Year and Being Thankful for the People That God Brings Into Your Life.

Not surprisingly, it has been several days since I posted this blog. We have our first Sunday staff meeting after church today and I will work this in before our family goes to church. We had our first scrimmage at Mercer County vs. Louisville Waggener, coached by Jordan Johnson, who was a freshman defensive lineman …

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Coach Russell?s Ruminations ? August

Welcome to August, football season, and my “Camp Edition” of Coach Russell’s Ruminations. My first thought for this month is something I think far too many men in our profession struggle with. There seems to be an eternal struggle between being a good coach and a good father. If you’re fortunate enough to have children, …

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Common Blocks Against the D-Line

As we all prepare for training camp and put together our technique boards and drill menus, we must stay conscious of the different types of blocking patterns that our front people will see given our schemes. This is the next step above working on the individual details of basic block destruction for any defensive player: …

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X and O Library

  • The Hybrid Wing Attack – You can create mismatches at the POA by using the Hybrid Wing Offense
  • Coaching the Blitzing Linebacker – Learning the proper progressions, techniques, and then drills for a blitzing linebacker will improve his performance on game day.
  • Think Quick! If executed correctly, the quick passing game can be effective, regardless of the down and distance situation.
  • Improve Your Pass Defense by Stealing the QB's Time - Defensive backs can adjust their coverage with pre-snap quarterback reads.
  • Go High, Go Low - Attacking Coverages with High-Low Route Concepts
  • Are You Short on Big Linemen? If so, you should consider playing a stand-up Will End
  • Gaining Leverage - Using unbalanced sets and formations can give your offense an advantage.
  • Wisconsin: Developing a Defensive Game Plan
  • The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense – A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation
  • Winning the Key Ground with Kickoff Coverage - Each man in kickoff coverage has an assignment ...


  • Letter from AFM – The Best of the Best
  • Turning Up Motivation in the Dog Days of August
  • Coaching HD – Technology to Prepare Your Team in Camp and During the Season
  • Letter from AFM - Hat's Off to You, Coach
  • Using Zones for Kickoff Coverage – recognizing where you are on kickoff coverage allows your players..
  • Technology Steps Up – Aided by recent rules changes, tech companies now give coaches valuable new tools to analyze games in real time.
  • Coaching HD: Train the Brain
  • Letter from AFM - Samson Strong
  • Coach to Coach: Developing a Motivational Profile with 4 Essential Questions
  • Samson Equipment's Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Year for 2014
  • The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense – A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation
  • Letter from AFM – Winning Ways
  • Strength Report: Indiana’s Off-Season Training Philosophy
  • Managing Your Program: Advance Your Team with Technology
  • Rawlings Football 2014 College and High School Coaches of the Year
  • A Nine-Week Off Season Super-Cycle Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Multi Media Educator
  • Maximize Practice Time with Special Team Drills
  • Imagery: Practice Without Practice
  • Safety First: Be Safe in Your Weight Room (Part II)

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