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No Huddle Power Pistol

Grand Junction Head Coach Robbie Owens interview with Rex Lardner on the No Huddle Power Pistol Offense.

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New DVD's

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Adapting the Up Tempo Spread to Today's Wing-T

Left: Rex Lardner Interviews Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Head Coach Lew Johnston on this exciting set of Up Tempo Spread Wing-T videos.

1. Installation 67 mins
2. The Run Game 74 mins
3. The Run Game Bonus Footage Game Film
4. The Passing Game 76 mins
5. The Passing Game Bonus Footage Game Film
6. Attacking Defenses 71 mins

Online X's & O's

Powering Through the ?Lulls? of Preseason

Recently I sat down with a fellow coach, and with August upon us, the discussion turned to the upcoming preseason.  The main topic was the lull that most of us experience schedule wise during preseason.  A week into preseason with a game still two weeks away, or classes have begun with a game still weeks …

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The B-Back is the heart and soul of any triple option offense.  Sometimes called a “fullback”, the B-Back must above all be a tough runner, not afraid of contact.  Whether or not he ends up getting the ball during the first phase of the triple, he most likely will be hit on every play so …

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The University of Sioux Falls Six Basics of Defense

Last month, we talked about our three weapons (eyes, hands, and feet) that we teach each player as a part of our defense at the University of Sioux Falls.  This month we will advance in our progression to what we call ?The six basics? of defense.  We believe that if each player can master these …

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X and O Library

  • Play Keep-Away: Each time your team punts, the goal is to kick it 40 yards and out of bounds.
  • Flex Fronts: Stop offenses by using a different front on every play.
  • Fixed Front: Defending trips to the field and in the boundary with a stable pre-snap look
  • Pressure Defenses, Part II: Having the proper angle for each player is crucial in pursuing a ball carrier in space.
  • Teaching the Inside and Outside Zone Using 3-Person Groups
  • Pressure Defenses (Part I) – Specific stunts and gap exchanges – when coordinated correctly – can improve team defense.
  • Situational Analysis – Having a specific gameplan for each offensive situation enhances your chances of success.
  • MODERNIZING THE WING-T By emulating Auburn's modified Wing-T offense, you can have a dynamic, deceptive running attack.
  • The 35 Defensive Package Cover 3, Cover 4, and Blitz Packages Part II
  • BE SPECIAL By committing to better special team practice organization, your units will create more explosive plays.


  • Icing on the Cake
  • Prevention of Exertional Heat-Related Illnesses
  • A Question of CHARACTER
  • Mixing Business and Pleasure
  • Safety First: Concussion Management and Return-to-Play Protocol
  • Your Take: Expanding Your Coaching Network
  • David vs Goliath
  • Having the Right Mouthguard
  • Your Take: Win The Offseason: Organization Matters
  • Major Undertaking
  • FREE FORM - Running Back Drill and Technique Checklist
  • Letter from AFM – Social Studies
  • The Coach’s Role on the Athletic Health Care Team
  • A-Turf® Titan: the Industry's Best-Performing Artificial Turf System
  • Champion Communicators
  • Solid Foundation
  • Lessons from Leaders
  • Letter from AFM – Coach, Writer, Friend

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