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Defending the Spread

  "At St X, you play defense until you play offense", - Steve Specht
The 3-3-5 Bomber Defense - Steve Specht Head Coach St Xavier

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St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati) Head Coach Steve Specht uses an odd stack – a 3-3-5 – as his base defense. His philosophy in the box is to employ read scheme techniques and behind that go five across in the secondary to disguise coverages. A two-time state champion, Specht is one of the most respected defensive minds in the nation. He recently completed a four-set series of DVDs on Zone Read Principles, Coverages, Blitzes, and Defending the Spread.

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Adapting the Up Tempo Spread to Today's Wing-T

Left: Rex Lardner Interviews Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Head Coach Lew Johnston on this exciting set of Up Tempo Spread Wing-T videos.

1. Installation 67 mins
2. The Run Game 74 mins
3. The Run Game Bonus Footage Game Film
4. The Passing Game 76 mins
5. The Passing Game Bonus Footage Game Film
6. Attacking Defenses 71 mins

Online X's & O's

Blanton Collier: Coaching the Eyes, Leading the Heart

?You can accomplish a lot if you don?t care who gets the credit.? This Blanton Collier quote is posted in our weight room. During my eight years in Paris, I really enjoyed meeting people that knew Coach Collier. His daughter, Kay Collier McLaughlin, wrote ‘Football?s Gentle Giant: The Blanton Collier Story.’ Coach Bill Arnsparger also …

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Hanging Tough in Tough Times

We either have experienced it or will experience it at one or more times as a coach. Anticipation of a successful season is suddenly tempered by key injuries, a tough schedule, and coming up short in the “battle of inches”. This set of circumstances is a real opportunity to find out about ourselves as individuals …

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Commentary: California Ready to Chase the Dollar

 In a world where money talks and participation trophies are becoming the norm, high school football state championships appear to be the next frontier for those that believe everyone is a winner and every revenue stream should be tapped until it runs dry.     The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is considering a proposal to expand …

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X and O Library

  • Five on the Line – The 5-man defensive front is making a comeback – especially against traditional run-first offenses.
  • Options Galore – To be successful running a multiple option offense from the gun and pistol, every player must identify the read key and the option key.
  • Updating the Pistol-Flex Offense – Five new enhancements make this offense even more effective.
  • Zone Defense on the Goal Line - To be efficient in this zone defense, give each player a specific responsibility.
  • Shotgun Snapping in a Run-First Offense – Teaching proper techniques and practicing as many reps as possible will improve the performance of your shotgun snapper.
  • The Art of the Interception – Proper positioning and anticipation are two prerequisites for making an interception.
  • Taking the No-Huddle Offense to the West Coast – Combining the West Coast offense with an up-tempo, no-huddle system can result in a powerful running and passing attack.
  • Five Keys to Defending the Wing-T With Your 4-3 Defense – To stop the Wing-T, use three different fronts, key on the guards and limit your blitzes.
  • Play Keep-Away: Each time your team punts, the goal is to kick it 40 yards and out of bounds.
  • Flex Fronts: Stop offenses by using a different front on every play.

  • Top 10 HS Football Rankings

    Football Team W-L
    1. Bishop Gorman
    Las Vegas (NV)
    2. De La Salle
    Concord (CA)
    3. Colquitt County
    Moultrie (GA)
    4. Manvel
    Manvel (TX)
    5. Allen
    Allen (TX)
    6. Paramus Catholic
    Paramus (NJ)
    7. Skyline
    Dallas (TX)
    8. Cedar Hill
    Cedar Hill (TX)
    9. DeSoto
    Desoto (TX)
    10. Starkville
    Starkville (MS)
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