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The VA State Champions Attacking Multiple 4-2-5 Defense

The Multiple Attacking 4-2-5 Justin Conyers was the Defensive Coordinator for Nansemond-Suffolk Academy's 2015 State Championship Season, in this 5 set DVD series he details the 4-2-5 Multiple Attacking Defense Terminology, Stunts, Man and Zone Blitzes, Split and Whole Field Coverages, and using the 3-4 as a change up to the 4-2-5.

Coach Conyers help lead Nansemond-Suffolk Academy to a VISAA Division III State Championship. The Saints defense finished the year with 80 sacks, 17 interceptions, and 13 forced fumbles in 12 games. Coach Conyers was recently hired as the new Head Coach of Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, making him the youngest head football coach in the state of Virginia. Watch the Interview
To Watch the Interview and Check out the 5 DVDs from Coach Conyers click here

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Rex's Ruminations

July 20:

The next issue of American Football Monthly includes a variety of clinics. Among them: * Off-Season Drills for offensive Linemen
By Bart Miller, Offensive Line Coach, Florida Atlantic University
* Locking Down a Slot Receiver
By Clayton White, Safeties Coach, North Carolina State University
* The Fire Zone Blitz
By P.J. Volker, Linebackers Coach, Georgia State University

July 19:

Former college assistant coach Tim Tobin wrote an article for high school football players on a 'Complete Guide to Nutrition.' Posted today, the article contains information on what to eat and what not to eat during the course of the school year. Coach Tobin is currently training athletes in Europe.

Monday July 18:

Today is the posting of the second of four plays in the Point/Counterpoint series matching Shawn Liotta's No-Huddle, No Mercy offense and Steve Specht's 3-3-5 defense. The situation is second and five from midfield with two minutes to go in the first half. Send us your vote as to whom you think is the better strategy - offense or defense.

Friday, July 15:

We want to hear from you – let us know if you would consider writing a clinic article on some phase of offense, defense, or special teams and we’ll either publish it in American Football Monthly or post it on our website – Additionally, we would welcome coaching blogs from you that can also be posted on the website. Just send your clinic and/or blog to Managing Editor Rex Lardner –

Thursday, July 14:

In the next issue of AFM – coming out shortly – 11 state champion head coaches were asked if they used any motivational techniques on how to get their team ready for the state championship game. Coach Steve Matthews of Knoxville Catholic High School asked the local police canine unit to come to a practice. They demonstrated an attack dog going after a suspect with the idea that the team had to be a fierce attacking team with an attacking dog mentality to win the state championship. It worked!

Wednesday, July 13:

An additional set of DVDs will be available soon at ‘The Fling-T Offense’ consists of four videos produced by Port St. Joe High School Head Coach John Palmer, a Florida state champion. The ‘Fling-T’ offense is a pass-friendly rendition of the run-oriented wing-T and is easily adaptable to any offense.

Tuesday, July 12: is currently editing two sets of DVDs that will be released soon. One includes a five-set series of videos entitled, ‘Simplicity Multiplicity – Shutting Down the Spread Offense.’ This series was produced by two coaches from state champion Victory Christian Academy in Lakeland, Florida – Head Coach Tommy Lewis and Defensive Coordinator Jamie Lemmond.

Monday, July 11: Today the first play in our ‘Point/Counterpoint’ series takes place, matching Shawn Liotta’s No-Huddle, No Mercy Offense and Steve Specht’s attacking 3-3-5 defense.

The first play is now posted – the first play of the game. It is first and ten on the 20-yard line on the left hash. Send us your comments on Point/Counterpoint and we’ll post the results.

Friday, July 8th:

We want to hear from you.

We are starting a new feature on and are looking for your ‘Best Play.’ Send us a short explanation of your bread ‘n butter play along with a diagram and video, if you have it available, and we’ll post it in the website.

Send the items to Look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, July 7th:

Coming soon to is ‘Point-Counterpoint’ matching the offensive mind of Shawn Liotta and the defensive mind of Steve Specht. Liotta is the creator of the ‘No Huddle, No Mercy’ offense in which his team averaged nearly 60 points per game and became the second highest scoring offense in the history of high school football. He currently has a five-set series of DVDs available at on his potent offense.

Steve Specht has been St. Xavier’s (OH) Head Coach since 2004, architect of the 3-3-5 defense and a two time state champion. He has also been named the NFL High School Coach of the Year and a two-time recipient of the Ohio High School Coach of the Year award. He also has a series of DVDs available at on his defense.

Point-Counterpoint consists of four different down and distance situations. Coach Liotta diagrams his formation, while Coach Specht then counters with a defensive alignment. From there, the play is called and defended. You don’t want to miss this series coming in July.

Wednesday, July 6th: has just released a five-part series of DVDs entitled “Converting the College 4-2-5 to an Efficient High School Defense.” While the defensive coordinator last fall at Nansemund Suffolk Academy in Virginia, Justin Conyers helped his team win a Virginia State Championship.

Now the head coach at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, Conyers outlines each video with detailed diagrams and player-specific responsibilities as illustrated with a whiteboard. Many of the principles are taken by two college powers known for their 4-2-5 defense – TCU and Virginia Tech.

Tuesday, July 5th:

Hal Mumme is now the head coach at Belhaven University in Mississippi and the architect of the Air Raid Offense. Featured in the next issue of AFM, Mumme was a head coach at Iowa Wesleyan, Kentucky, Southeastern Louisiana, New Mexico State and McMurry University.

While at McMurry, Mumme recorded a 27-16 record in four seasons, resurrecting a program that had not had a winning season for eight seasons prior to his arrival. In 2011, McMurry went 9-3 and recorded their first post-season playoff win since 1949 by beating Trinity in the first round of the Division III playoffs.

Coach Mumme’s Air Raid system is available at Air

Monday, July 4th

In our next issue of American Football Monthly – scheduled to be published in mid-July – the Godfather of the Air Raid Offense is featured. Hal Mumme has been called, “One of a handful of authentic offensive geniuses in the history of American football.”

Additionally, our next issue will also include:

· A question and answer session with 11 state champion head coaches from last fall. How did their respective teams deal with adversity and what advice would you give to those programs that have struggled with playoff runs?

· How to Maximize Your Offense in the Real world of High School Football – youth coach Jay Stolfi details the Double Gun Offense that is both simple to understand and install.

· Locking Down a Slot Wide Receiver – North Carolina State University Safeties Coach Clayton White provides both technique and drills.

· Special Teams Organization for Competition Drills and Circuits – By Kerry Webb, Special Teams Coordinator at Jacksonville University.

· Football Specific Conditioning – By the strength and conditioning staff of San Jose State University.

Plus, in the ‘Coach to Coach’ segment, ‘Coaching Staff Self-Improvement from the Inside-Out.’

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X and O Library

  • Missouri Protection - Teaching Pass Blocking Fundamentals to Running Backs
  • 3-STEP PASSING ROUTE CONCEPTS - Various concepts gives the quarterback run and pass options for each play.
  • Effective Strategies for Dealing with Man - Coverage Beaters: Stacks, Bunches and Mesh
  • Creating Turnovers Through Ball Disruption
  • Air Raid Concepts with Backside Tags
  • A Quick, Simple, High Rep Progression for Defeating Blocks
  • UNC-Charlotte Offensive Line Blocking Stations
  • Having a Dominant Defense at the Point of Attack URI uses a four word progression every snap to maximize the play of their defensive line.
  • Warhawk Special Team Play Technique and Drills
  • Shrug Off Predictability with Formation Adjustments, Not Checks Offensive coaches, now more than ever, are using non-traditional sets to gain an advantage on the defense.


  • Conditioning for an Aggressive, Up-Tempo Offensive System
  • A Special Coach of the Year
  • The Psychology of Football
  • An In-Season Strength and Conditioning Strategy
  • Leadership Strategies: In Need of a New Direction
  • Texas Legend Phil Danaher
  • Warhawk Special Team Play Technique and Drills
  • Shrug Off Predictability with Formation Adjustments, Not Checks Offensive coaches, now more than ever, are using non-traditional sets to gain an advantage on the defense.
  • The Drive Series It is critical for the QB to read coverage early for this series of plays to be successful.
  • 3-4 Front with Quarters Coverage: Base Front Variations These four variations of the 3-4 defense may help your defense with one more player having drop skills.
  • AFM Subscribers Ask with Shawn Liotta Offensive Coordinator, Clairton High School (PA)
  • Letter from AFM The Best of the Best
  • Developing Physical Linebacker Play
  • Turning Up Motivation in the Dog Days of August
  • A Strategy for Team Building
  • Coaching HD Technology to Prepare Your Team in Camp and During the Season
  • Letter from AFM - Hat's Off to You, Coach
  • Are You Short on Big Linemen? If so, you should consider playing a stand-up Will End
  • Why We Do What We Do - A Look Inside Clemson's Strength and Conditioning Program.
  • Wisconsin: Developing a Defensive Game Plan

  • Coaches Edge Game Planning System

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