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No Huddle No Mercy Offense

No Huddle No Mercy Offense

USA - Football For Life

National powerhouse Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits are more than just a team, they are a family. Go behind-the scenes as they grow into a team and learn the values associated with the game of football. New episodes air every Saturday on

Online X's & O's

Temple Football: Non-Travel Squad In-Season Training

Some of the most common questions I receive as a strength and conditioning coach focus on in-season training. Head Coach Matt Rhule and I believe in-season training is as important as any other period of training that occurs during the year. We do not view in-season training as maintenance; rather, we train to get stronger. …

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Coach Russell?s Ruminations ? September

I hope everyone is off to a good start for the 2015 season. A new year is always exciting. It’s a chance to see what your incoming players bring to the program, as well as to evaluate how everything you’ve done since the end of the previous year has paid off. My main thought for …

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Mississippi State Football In-Season Strength Training

By Rick Court, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Mississippi State University We take great pride in how we coach and administer our in-season strength program. In-season training is the most important time to train because you must continue to make gains off of all the hard work you have put in through the winter and …

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X and O Library

  • Having a Dominant Defense at the Point of Attack URI uses a four word progression every snap to maximize the play of their defensive line.
  • Warhawk Special Team Play Technique and Drills
  • Shrug Off Predictability with Formation Adjustments, Not Checks Offensive coaches, now more than ever, are using non-traditional sets to gain an advantage on the defense.
  • The Drive Series It is critical for the QB to read coverage early for this series of plays to be successful.
  • 3-4 Front with Quarters Coverage: Base Front Variations These four variations of the 3-4 defense may help your defense with one more player having drop skills.
  • The Hybrid Wing Attack You can create mismatches at the POA by using the Hybrid Wing Offense
  • Coaching the Blitzing Linebacker Learning the proper progressions, techniques, and then drills for a blitzing linebacker will improve his performance on game day.
  • Think Quick! If executed correctly, the quick passing game can be effective, regardless of the down and distance situation.
  • Improve Your Pass Defense by Stealing the QB's Time - Defensive backs can adjust their coverage with pre-snap quarterback reads.
  • Go High, Go Low - Attacking Coverages with High-Low Route Concepts


  • The Psychology of Football
  • Leadership Strategies: In Need of a New Direction
  • Letter from AFM The Best of the Best
  • Turning Up Motivation in the Dog Days of August
  • Coaching HD Technology to Prepare Your Team in Camp and During the Season
  • Letter from AFM - Hat's Off to You, Coach
  • Using Zones for Kickoff Coverage recognizing where you are on kickoff coverage allows your players..
  • Technology Steps Up Aided by recent rules changes, tech companies now give coaches valuable new tools to analyze games in real time.
  • Coaching HD: Train the Brain
  • Letter from AFM - Samson Strong
  • Coach to Coach: Developing a Motivational Profile with 4 Essential Questions
  • Samson Equipment's Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Year for 2014
  • The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation
  • Letter from AFM Winning Ways
  • Strength Report: Indianas Off-Season Training Philosophy
  • Managing Your Program: Advance Your Team with Technology
  • Rawlings Football 2014 College and High School Coaches of the Year
  • A Nine-Week Off Season Super-Cycle Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Multi Media Educator
  • Maximize Practice Time with Special Team Drills

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