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Training Partner

From Burke Spencer U.S.A., Inc.

Uniquely designed belt, ankle cuffs, hand pads, and break-through Tensor technology mark the Training Partner developed by Linden, N.J.'s Burke Spencer U.S.A., Inc. Tensor resistance provides approximately 10 pounds of smooth, unrestricting resistance per Tensor, working muscles fully through concentric and eccentric muscular movements. Muscles quickly adjust to this seemingly insignificant load.

Muscles continue to work synergistically just as before, but now they are working against the Tensors. Athletes can double up the Tensors on the same D-ring or spilt them to increase the intensity of their workout. Studies conducted by renowned strength and conditioning coaches showed improvement in athlete's 40-yard-dash times, lateral quickness, vertical leap, and first-step explosiveness.

Olympic Benches and Racks

From Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength of Franklin Park, Ill., introduces its new Olympic benches consisting of three products that are staples in any free weight program: the Olympic flat bench (shown), the Olympic incline bench and the Olympic decline bench. All of the Olympic pieces share several common features, including a three-position racking system that provides greater safety during lift-off and re-racking. The curved notches guide the barbell upward and toward the bench press starting position during lift-off, and then safely into the resting position during re-racking.

The frames of the Olympic benches are designed to allow the spotter to be positioned closer to the exerciser and to the path of motion of the barbell, providing superior leverage during spotting. This feature is best illustrated in the spotter's platform on the Olympic incline bench, which minimizes the degree the spotter needs to lean over to assist the lifter.

Optional weight storage, up to eight positions, can also be added to the Olympic benches to make changing plates more convenient.


From Genetic Potential

Looking to maximize explosive leg power potential? The Vertimax, from Genetic Potential in Melbourne Beach, Fla., has constant exercise resistance with 60 feet of resistance bands routed beneath the Vertimax, fully retracting into the platform surface to maintain constant exercise loading through the full range of the jumping motion. The patented hip-tracking feature allows athletes to maintain better balance and form when jumping because resistance bands can move laterally with the athlete's hips to eliminate the dangerous slingshot effect. The Vertimax also offers an instant selection of exercise resistance with extractable resistance bands that allow resistance to be set from 20 to 120 lbs in 5-or-10 lb increments without adding or removing any parts. Vertimax utilizes two separate shock absorption systems to provide the softest and safest landings for athletes. A 12-square foot, ultrashock absorbing, ethafoam mat coupled with shock absorbers mounted on each support leg of Vertimax, provide a unique shock-dampening system.

Stadium Locker

From Penco Products, Inc.

Penco Products, Inc. of Oaks, Pa., introduces the Stadium Locker, an ideal storage solution for athletic team rooms or any application where easy access to uniforms and equipment is required. The Stadium's open front allows for easy access to clothing and gear and allocates specific space to each athlete without the clutter or banging of locker doors. Equipped with a single, full-width coat rod and two coat hooks for convenient hanging, it also features 16-gauge, diamond-perforated side panels for additional ventilation.

The Stadium Locker can be equipped with a security box fastened to a full-width shelf for lockable storage of small personal items. Also available is a lockable footlocker storage bin that doubles as a seat, eliminating the need for separate locker room benches. Penco offers a complete line of steel lockers in 20 baked enamel decorator colors


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