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  • Shrug Off Predictability with Formation Adjustments, Not Checks Offensive coaches, now more than ever, are using non-traditional sets to gain an advantage on the defense.
    2015-07-01 - Drew Christ
  • The Drive Series It is critical for the QB to read coverage early for this series of plays to be successful.
    2015-07-01 - Kyle Derickson
  • The Hybrid Wing Attack You can create mismatches at the POA by using the Hybrid Wing Offense
    2015-06-01 - Greg Myers
  • Think Quick! If executed correctly, the quick passing game can be effective, regardless of the down and distance situation.
    2015-05-01 - Kris Cinkovich
  • Gaining Leverage - Using unbalanced sets and formations can give your offense an advantage.
    2015-05-01 - Alvin Parker
  • The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation
    2015-03-01 - Shawn Liotta
  • The Dupe Run-Pass Combo
    2015-01-01 - Mark Orlando
  • Wild Bunch - Stress out defenses with the Bunch Passing Game
    2014-12-01 - Matt Kubik
  • Five on the Line - The 5-man defensive front is making a comeback especially against traditional run-first offenses.
    2014-10-01 - JohnAllen W. Snyder
  • Options Galore - To be successful running a multiple option offense from the gun and pistol, every player must identify the read key and the option key.
    2014-10-01 - Rob Cushman
  • Updating the Pistol-Flex Offense - Five new enhancements make this offense even more effective.
    2014-10-01 - Paul Markowski
  • Shotgun Snapping in a Run-First Offense - Teaching proper techniques and practicing as many reps as possible will improve the performance of your shotgun snapper.
    2014-10-01 - Jeff DiSandro
  • Taking the No-Huddle Offense to the West Coast Combining the West Coast offense with an up-tempo, no-huddle system can result in a powerful running and passing attack.
    2014-08-01 - Daren Wilkinson
  • Teaching the Inside and Outside Zone Using 3-Person Groups
    2014-06-01 - Ken Wilmesherr
  • Situational Analysis Having a specific gameplan for each offensive situation enhances your chances of success.
    2014-06-01 - Kefense Hynson
  • MODERNIZING THE WING-T By emulating Auburn's modified Wing-T offense, you can have a dynamic, deceptive running attack.
    2014-05-01 -
  • The Fine Points of the 3-Step Passing Game
    2014-04-01 - Christian Ozolins
  • Option Football Few Plays, Many Ways: The Passing Game (Part II)
    2014-03-01 - Paul Markowski
  • A Different Read on the Zone Option
    2014-03-01 - Jim Glover
  • Option Football - Few Plays, Many Ways, Part I
    2014-02-01 - Paul Markowski
  • Fast-Paced and Powerful The No-Huddle Power Pistol offense includes five different tempos, all designed to confuse the defense.
    2014-01-01 - JohnAllen W. Snyder
  • Red Zone Rescue Using a separate red zone offensive package can confuse the defense.
    2014-01-01 - Mike McDaniels
  • Get Your O-Line In The Zone
    2013-12-01 - Dan Dieringer
  • Two Minute Crunch Time: 'Go-To' Plays and a Clock-Killing Strategy
    2013-10-01 - David Purdum
  • Rolling Thunder - Be efficient in the 'compressed' Red Zone.
    2013-10-01 - Mitch Burton
  • Articles 1 to 25 of 254


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