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From J.E. Adams Industries

Looking to keep your team cool this season? J.E. Adams Industries of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, introduces the Aqua Breeze Mobile Cooling System. This unique and totally-integrated mobile cooling system utilizes flash evaporation cooling. Flash cooling uses the ultra-fine atomization of water droplets by forcing water through high-impact nozzles to lower the ambient temperature of an area. The unique flash evaporation used will not get floors, or the ground, wet.

The Aqua Breeze Mobile Cooling System has been used for several years to cool athletes using it's unique features: oscillating fan capable of four specific cooling settings, oversized pneumatic wheels, state-of-the-art aerodynamic shroud, and standard garden hose water connection for easy hook up. The Aqua Breeze Cooling System is constructed of quality stainless steel and is available in both 120V and 240V.

Scouting Software

From Digital Scout

The scouting services offered by Digital Scout of Columbus, Ohio, have become even more portable. The company's software now runs on the Palm hand-held computer - a pocket-sized processor with amazing capabilities. Just use the easy point and touch stylus to enter game data. Information can be entered at the game site or from video, and team-customized terminology can be integrated into the system.

Digital Scout software for use on the Palm handheld is compatible with both PCs and Macintosh. Simply place the Palm into its cradle, synchronize to your computer at the touch of a button, and generate offensive and defensive reports for your opponents. Of course, Digital Scout software can also be used to self-scout your team. Sample reports and screen shots can be seen at TF-100 & J5V All-Weather Footballs

From Spalding

Whether it rains, sleets, snows, or hails, football is a game played in all types of conditions. Spalding Sports Worldwide of Chicopee, Mass., introduces a football with breakthrough "all weather" technology, which uses Pittard's WR100 high performance leather for maximum grip and water-resistance. The Pittard's WR100 is permanently water and sweat resistant, extending the life and improving the performance of the football.

The Spalding All-Weather Football is targeted at competitive football teams. The football will be available in two models, the TF-100 All-Weather (featuring a pro pattern) and the J5V All-Weather (varsity pattern). An aggressive seeding program will be implemented this summer with high school and college football teams around the country. Beginning in Sept. 1999, the Spalding All-Weather Football will be available at sporting goods stores around the country.

The Story of Darell Royal

from Hall of Legends Sports

Looking to gain more wins, establish tradition and nostalgia at your football program? Hall of Legends of Los Angeles, Calif., now offers a special look at the life of former University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal. This video definitely packs in the defining moments of Coach Royal's career, both on and off the field. From his no-nonense upbringing to being given the opportunity to lead Texas as a virtually unknown assistant to his decision to step down (and all points in between, including the "Game of the Century" vs. Arkansas in 1969), this video examines it.

The Story of Darrell Royal is the first in a series of Hall of Legends Sports documentaries profiling the greatest coaching legends from around the world of college sports. This incredible documentary story of Darrell Royal is narrated by Matthew McConaughey and told by Coach Royal and some of his closest friends, including Willie Nelson, Larry Gatlin, Earl Campbell, Mack Brown, Keith Jackson, and others.


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