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In Good Hands

by: Denie Marie
Recruiting Video Director and Facilities Director, Virginia Tech
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To increase the number of catches per day in a short time period.

During each drill, the coach can emphasize the proper techniques he is teaching. Emphasis should be placed on stance, start, release, controlled run, stick and separate. Also very important is stem, quickness in and out of the break, proper route technique, steps (plant foot), body control and hand and eye coordination.

ALIGNMENT: (Setting up drills)
About five yards at widest point from JUGS machine. Adjust inside according to the route being run. On intermediate, or deep routes, use last two steps of route structure. The proper alignment will allow receivers to catch as many balls as possible in the practice time available.

NOTE: Major Coaching Point: On all drills always work to have receivers eyes INSIDE his hands. (See Diagram l for Drills 1-6)

Diagram 1.

1. STRAIGHT ON: At 10 yards (on the run)

2. STRAIGHT ON: slide right and left (on the run)

Coaching Point: Receiver must slide and position ball inside framework of body when making catch.

3. HIGH BALL: (on the run)
Coaching Point: Above head. Make receiver extend vertically.

4. TURN:
Coaching Point: With back to JUGS machine, TURN, LOOK and LISTEN for BALL call.

5. LOW BALL: (in stationary sitting position)
Coaching Point: Sink hips and extend arms.

6. LOW BALL: (on the run)
Coaching Point: Sink hips and extend arms.

ROUTES (see Diagram 2 for Drills 7-9)

7. OUT:
Plant at 12 yards on inside foot, roll outside toe and shoulder. Back to 10 yards.
Coaching Point: Adjust to 1st down marker.

Diagram 2

8. TAKEOFF: Inside Right and Left shoulder
Coaching Point: Can also shoot over opposite shoulder. (Inside or Outside)

9. CARIOKA: Coaching Point: Can be used as a Concentration Drill, getting hands up quickly and developing Hand/Eye coordination.
(See Diagram 3 for Drills 10-14)

Diagram 3

10. HITCH: Plant at 7 yards on outside foot. Eyes and hands around, back to football.

11. SLANT: Plant at 3 yards on outside foot. Eyes and hands around quickly.

12. ANGLE: Quick step off of LOS upfield. Angle to sideline at depth of 9-11 yards.

13. HIDE: (In and Out) Quick step off of the LOS. Angle upfield, staying parallel to LOS.

14. HOOK/CURL: Can also COMEBACK straight down stem.
Coaching Point: Work inside or outside as coverage dictates.
(See Diagram 4 for Drills 15-16)

Diagram 4

15. DIG:
Coaching Point: Last two steps of top of stem.

16. POST:
Coaching Point: Last two steps of top of stem.

About the author

Ron Roberts

Former high school and college coach Denie Marie is the Football Recruiting Video Director and Facilities Manager at Virginia Tech. Marie has coached at the US Coast Guard Academy, Trinity College, Brown University, Marietta College, Kent State, and Virginia Tech. You reach him at


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