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Scouting/Editing Compatibility

from CoachComm

CoachComm has combined the popular Digital Scout and PowerTouch scouting software packages with their powerful video editing products.

Simply enter the play information (down, distance, formation, etc.) into the portable Palm computer or the fast-entry PowerTouch tablet. Then print out your customized reports and open the CoachWin or DSE editing programs. Import the game files into CoachComm's editing software to create new tapes to match your scouted plays. Using this quick process allows your coaching staff to focus more attention on preparing for the next game. CoachComm offers both linear or a non-linear editing system.

Football Stats/Scouting Software

from Big G Software

Texas-based Big G software has introduced two new coach-assisting methods that can be used via computer, starting with Football Stats Software. Football Stats Software, which is compatible with Windows-based systems, provides several time-saving functions including statistic tracking for multiple seasons, play-by-play data entry, limitless numbers of plays, games and teams and the program also learns and remembers your terminology for plays.

Football Stats Software also provides team reports that include team offense, defense and kicking statistics, a season won-loss summary including scores, individual statistical category tracking, game summaries, drive summaries, third-and fourth-down efficiency statistics, a team roster and several other features.

To help you get the jump on your competition, Big G Software has a Windows-based Football Scouting Software program available. The program allows you to scout both offense and defense of your opponent, without limits on the number of plays, formations, games or seasons. Also, you can analyze any number of games into one report, while the program learns and remembers your terminology for plays and formations.

When you receive your reports, you'll get analysis by down and distance, formation, hash mark, etc. while also getting your opponents' directional tendencies and yards gained on plays. Football Scouting Software also provides more than 50 standard reports and can print these reports individually or in batches.

FD Practice Segment Timers

from McConnell Team Sports

Are you finding it difficult to stay on schedule for your team's practices? If so, McConnell Team Sports of Lafayette, Ind., may have your answer. The FD series Practice Segment Timers are programmable clock and horn systems that eliminate human error and improve efficiency and continuity of segment practice schedules. These timers use large reflective displays that can be seen from anywhere on the practice field at distances greater than 480 feet. The zero maintenance display is ideal for outdoor use and will not "wash-out" in bright sunlight making its visibility superior at all times. Digits come in three sizes: 6, 9, and 12 inches. System features include 40 programmable time segments, programmable transition time, play clock, two-minute clock, remote control and voice announcement. The FD Series Timers use pre-recorded voice messages to announce system status, segment number, time and more. The voice announcement feature can only be found in the FD series products.

Ground Base Equipment

from Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength's newest equipment, called Ground Base, provides numerous exercise options in upward, downward and neutral planes of motion. While allowing exercisers to train with their feet on the ground and encouraging total body stabilization, Ground Base equipment also adds better balance and greater functional workouts that maximize everyday as well as athletic performance.

With their feet on the ground, the user's entire body can respond naturally to the exercise exertion and gravity, thereby enhancing coordination and increasing the strengthening of corresponding muscle groups. Designed by Hammer Strength founder Gary Jones, Ground Base equipment also provides a safe and controlled training environment for explosive sport-specific strengthening. The line currently consists of nine pieces, including the classic Ground Base Jammer, which is found in athletic weight rooms around the world.

In addition, new pieces to the Ground Base equipment system include a Ground Base Combo Incline (an incline press and high row), a Ground Base Combo Decline (decline press and low row) and a Ground Base Combo Twist (right and left torso rotation.


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