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ION 4D Helmet • Schutt Sports

The ION 4D helmet from Schutt Sports is the most technologically advanced helmet in the market today. More then just gathering data, the ION 4D takes the performance of the helmet to the next dimension. The helmet showcases the all-new “Energy Wedge” faceguard attachment system. This pioneering system actually integrates the faceguard into the helmet itself, while also reducing the force of impacts to the faceguard. Continuous weld joints and flat wire make it stronger then traditional faceguards. The ION 4D also features the next generation of the game’s most innovative cushioning system – SKYDEX II. Superior to older, traditional foam padding, SKYDEX II offers more protective hemispheres, curved cushion shapes to exactly follow the contour of the helmet and increased field of vision. It’s the most comfortable helmet you'll ever wear – right out of the box! Experience the Next Dimension @

For more information: 800-426-9784 •

Wireless Headset System HME DX300 • HME

You spend hours preparing for the big game - make sure your hard work pays off! HME's DX300 Wireless Headset system keeps your coaches in constant touch throughout the game. It takes only minutes to set up and operates on AC or batteries. Dual-slot diversity automatically detects strongest signals for uninterrupted conversations. Digital technology offers superior sound clarity. Up to 20 coaches can communicate in hands-free, two-way conversations. DX300 features ultra compact beltpacs worn at the waist or all-in-one headsets and operates on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged even when all communicators are in use. Triple protection with encryption prevents eavesdropping. Communicators are ergonomically designed with sealed controls for extremely rugged and reliable operation.

For more information: 866-567-8453 •

Synthetic Turf • FieldTurf

FieldTurf is fundamentally different from all others. Stable, firm not spongy, non-abrasive and uniform in traction, the FieldTurf system is engineered to play and feel like natural grass. On FieldTurf, players perform with confidence – and never experience the accelerated fatigue and muscle/joint stress associated with lightweight, rubber-filled systems. Like blades of natural grass, FieldTurf’s fibers are soft and easy to slide on. They are surrounded and stabilized by FieldTurf’s patented, heavy fill – the “artificial earth” that so clearly sets FieldTurf apart. Composed of smooth, rounded silica sand and cryogenically frozen and smashed rubber particles, FieldTurf’s patented infill is engineered to stay “in suspension” providing years of proper biomechanics, shock absorbency and durability. A patented process of precision layering ensures infill uniformity. The result is a stable, resilient, predictable place to play – grass-like performance of the highest quality.

For more information: 800-724-2969 •

Mueller TapeWrap® • Mueller Sports Medicine

Introducing Mueller TapeWrap®. Extremely versatile, TapeWrap® is perfect for preventive taping, protection, fixation, wound care and compression. The revolutionary cloth-based woven fabric of TapeWrap® breathes to stay comfortable and help prevent additional moisture from building up. Tape jobs stay tight and supportive. Highly flexible, TapeWrap® conforms to any body part and won’t inhibit the natural movements of the athlete while acting as a fixation bandage or spatting tape. Since it sticks to itself, TapeWrap® is an excellent alternative to elastic bandages. TapeWrap® completes Mueller’s Complete Taping System which includes Tear-Light™ lightweight elastic adhesive tape, zinc oxide MTape® and Perform™, high performance porous athletic trainers tape.

For more information: 608-643-8530 •

Linemen Conditioning • Maxx Football

During the off-season, quarterbacks throw, receivers catch, and Linemen have MAXX. Maxx Football is focused on the most important 1/2 second in football…from snap to contact. MAXX is the best piece of equipment for conditioning your linemen during the off-season. Your players will benefit from working on their strength and conditioning while improving position specific techniques. MAXX gives you instant electronic feedback on a player’s speed and power, a life-like feel prepares players for on the field conditions, and an adjustable weight system will strengthen and condition your players beyond your expectations. Make MAXX a part of your program!

For more information: 800-294-4654 •


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