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May 2012

May 2012

Louisiana Legend

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Don Shows led the West Monroe Rebels to their 8th state championship in 2011 – with the help of the Tempest FX sideline communications system from CoachComm

Very few coaches can match the career resume of Louisiana’s Don Shows. Now in his 24th year at West Monroe High School, Shows has led the school to eight Louisiana 5A championships, the latest last season, and established the team as the premier program in the state. His overall coaching record is 327-68. The Rebels consistently appear in the national rankings and have twice captured a prep “national championship”. 

Shows has accomplished this at a school that had struggled so badly for decades that, prior to his arrival in 1989, they had only appeared in the state playoffs twice in 35 years, losing both times in the first round. Today, the Rebels are a football juggernaut. They’re so popular in northern Louisiana that they regularly sell out the school’s 13,000+ stadium for home games – drawing more than the entire population of the town. “Coach Shows is very literally a living legend in Louisiana high school football,” said Senior Analyst Dallas Jackson. “The sheer number of lives he has positively affected with his emphasis on education as well as on-field instruction make him not only a great coach but a great man.”

Critical to the success of any winning program is an effective sideline communication system. For West Monroe, that system is the Tempest FX system from CoachComm. The Tempest FX system delivers proven, high performance wireless communication and superior audio to those schools that desire a competitive edge. The system uses the same trusted wireless technology used by the country’s top collegiate programs. Used by the toughest Division I coaches, in the toughest games, in the toughest venues, Tempest FX is a must for big games in big stadiums.

AFM visited with Coach Shows to learn more about his choice of CoachComm’s Tempest FX system and how it made a positive difference for West Monroe during their 2011 championship run.

AFM: How did the 2011 championship season compare to the seven others you've won in your career at West Monroe?

Shows: It was very special because it was something we weren’t sure we’d be able to do. We had a great defense, but our offense was not the most talented group. They definitely got better as the season went on and reached their peak during the playoffs.

After losing two of your first three games last season, how did you keep your team together on the road to a state championship?

I put the fear of God in them. They worked hard, improved every week and just kept winning. They were good kids who really played together as a team.

How would you compare CoachComm Tempest FX sideline communication system with other systems you've used in the past?

Last year was the first season we used the new system. There’s no comparison to the systems we’ve had in the past – the Tempest system was much better. We had better reception and less trouble. But the biggest thing was that we had less crowd noise.

How many coaches on the sideline and in the press box use the system during a game? Do you use different channels for different groups of coaches?

We have four offensive coaches and four defensive coaches on the system. One of each is in the press box and the others are on the sideline with me. The offensive coaches are all on one channel and the defensive coaches are on another. I spend most of my time with the offensive coaches but I can switch to the defensive group if I need to.

How did your system perform in the payoffs and in the Superdome last season?

The Superdome can be a tough place to play because they have over 20 assigned frequencies for the Saints, police, concessions and other groups. In the past, other systems have given us problems. Instead of connecting with your coaches, you might have ended up talking to a popcorn vendor.

Not this year. Our system performed perfectly. I used the new Bose headsets from CoachComm and they were really unbelievable! They were very comfortable, and you couldn’t hear crowd noise at all. I think a gun could have gone off and you wouldn’t have heard it.

What are the most important features of your system?

First, it’s dependable. We had no breakdowns, no loss of signal and no miscommunication at all. Also our system is really clear with no static at all. The battery charger is unique and very easy to use. After a game, we simply plug it in and know it will be ready for the next game.

How would you rate CoachComm in terms of customer service and support?

I give CoachComm a championship rating. If you ever have a problem, they take care of it immediately. We enjoy working with them.

Bose Quality and Comfort Come to Football

Big crowds in big stadiums can sometimes interfere with a coaching staff’s ability to communicate effectively. Not with the Bose® Headset X® available from CoachComm. Bringing the legendary Bose noise reduction technology to football for the first time, the Bose® Headset X® virtually eliminates crowd noise and allows coaches to focus entirely on making the calls needed to win in high-pressure situations.

Weighing in at only 12 ounces, the Bose® Headset X® is engineered for comfort without sacrificing performance. They’re the ultimate headsets for coaches who demand the very best.


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