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Telex Communications is proud to offer the Telex Legacy™ to assist today’s football coach in reaching new heights of performance at the high school level and beyond. For the last 15 years Telex has been the only company to supply coaching communications technology to the NFL and majority of NCAA Division I college football teams. The Telex Legacy™ system offers a fast and easy setup, full duplex wireless solutions for 2 to 7 coaches per sideline, durable beltpacks, 3 audio channels, 64 bit audio encryption, professional grade headsets and a 3 Year Warranty.  In addition, the Telex Legacy™ base station offers a state of the art automatic channel selection feature called ClearScan. THE #1 CHOICE OF PROFESSIONAL & COLLEGE COACHES... ONE Play. ONE Chance. ONE Choice. TELEX LEGACY™. BE HEARD.

For more information: 877-863-4169 •

New to football – a pop-up net for building a variety of football skills including kicking, punting, throwing, and long snapping. Lightweight and portable. Use it anywhere. Indoors or out. Take it on the road. Includes target net that can be moved to different positions for specific skill development and a convenient carry bag. Packaged to retail sale and available in Varsity and Youth Sizes.

For more information: 217-324-2712 •

With our Laptop Potato and Multi-DV In feature capture two angles simultaneously to your Laptop during the game and have an Instant Intercut ready after the game. Imagine, pressing one button and the start of a play is marked, tagged as a pass play, and Offensive Possession is entered!

For more information: 866-999-9322 •

The S-Advantage Tackler is an improvement in tackling sled design because of its S pad shape and sled base. It enhances and creates full speed tackling skills without the risk of injuring a live ball carrier.  It’s the sled everyone is converting to because it makes more sense.   The S pad has a head, torso, waist, and knees.  It represents the look of a ball carrier in motion, not standing still. The pad promotes the proper hitting position and takedown technique. The sled weighs 235 lbs. Removable pad. New Gunslinger ball holder available.

For more information: 800-841-5050 •


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