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The Whizzer® • Mueller Sports Medicine

Mueller Sports Medicine Holds Clean-Up Cure for Deadly Staph – Cleaner & Disinfectant Kills Drug-Resistant MRSA Strain... As media attention surrounding the staph Superbug MRSA escalates, a Wisconsin sports medicine company has the solution to killing the deadly bacteria. Whizzer®, a concentrated disinfectant manufactured by Mueller Sports Medicine, kills the drug-resistant MRSA when sprayed on hard surfaces.

Following recent deaths from MRSA, attention turned to disinfection and prevention. It is recommended that schools and athletic facilities implement the same practices in disinfecting as hospitals. Whizzer® is designed for this as it kills many of the bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause disease including HIV-1, Hepatitis B & C, Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 and fungus germs on contact. Whizzer is recommended for use on any hard surface that may come into contact with the general population.

For more information: 608-643-8530 ext. 376 •

XPLOAD™ Power Rack • Nautilus

The engineers and trainers behind the Nautilus XPLOAD™ Power Racks built intelligent details into a simple design. The result is the toughest, smartest rack they've ever built. Standard features include: 7-guage steel uprights; integrated ergo chin bar; available in 8’ and 9’ heights; bar catches, replaceable urethane liner included; and weight plate and vertical bar storage. Give your athletes the advantage they deserve. Nautilus XPLOAD™ is a complete line of professional-grade racks, plate-loaders, platforms and accessories, designed and tested to be the best elite training tools available. Play Hard. Train Harder.

For more information: 877-657-7762 •

GreatCatch • Cutters Gloves

Introducing Cutters GreatCatch, the first catching trainer to focus on the fingertips. Palms and heels of the hands cause bobbles and dropped passes, so GreatCatch takes them completely off the ball, literally forcing the finger tips to do the work. The result is softer, more reliable hands, and fewer bobbles and drops. Slip GreatCatch on and you’re ready for drills and scrimmages. Slip GreatCatch off and you'll be amazed how quickly muscle memory takes over. Put the key to great catches right at your fingertips.

For more information: 800-821-0231 •

Muscle Milk Collegiate • CytoSport

Developed to meet the complex nutritional needs of today’s athletes, Muscle Milk Collegiate is rapidly becoming a key addition to weight rooms and nutrition programs across the country. Muscle Milk feeds hungry muscles by combining high quality protein, carbs and custom fat structures known as MCT’s – or medium chain triglycerides – so athletes can recover more efficiently from training. Forget about the high sugar content of other drinks, powders and bars…Muscle Milk products provide healthy, sustained energy and high quality ingredients for solid nutrition. Our motto at CytoSport is “Driven by Science – Inspired by Performance” – we make our products different so you can make a difference!

For more information: 707-747-3377 •

Glute-Ham Machine • Hammer Strength

This tough, durable Glute-Ham machine is the latest addition to the extensive line-up of adjustable benches, squat racks, dumbbells and weight trees in the Hammer Strength line of benches and racks. It features a rotating thigh pad to increase user comfort as well as a walk through design for easier entry and exit. The machine offers vertical adjustments to increase resistance variation and horizontal adjustments to accommodate users of all sizes. Plus, the foot platform’s radius enables exercisers to adjust to a natural position throughout the range of motion.

For more information: 800-634-8637 •


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