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Model 1258 Cold Weather Compression Shirt • Stromgren

Moisture-wicking compression shirts provide an athlete with excellent upper body compression, moisture-wicking capabilities that will keep them dry. Anti-Microbial treated fabric will help reduce their exposure to staph infections. This garment is an absolute must to wear under football shoulder pads. Contact Stromgren today for more details and free color catalog.

For more information: 800-527-1988 •

Weight Room Layouts • Forza Strength Sys

If a new weight room or fitness center is in your future, contact Forza for a free layout and cost analysis. Give Forza your room dimensions and desired equipment and you can usually receive your computerized layout within 24-48 hours. Forza Strength Systems will work with you to get the design of your room refined so it is ready to present to administration, boosters, or faculty. Doing this early can be a huge advantage in fundraising or in making sure you are allocated proper funding for equipment in new construction projects. There is no cost and no obligation for this service. Forza Strength Systems has been helping coaches build strong teams with consultation and high quality strength equipment since 1985.

For more information: 800-769-9259 •

ION 4D Helmet • Schutt Sports

The ION 4D helmet from Schutt Sports is the most technologically advanced helmet in the market today. More then just gathering data, the ION 4D takes the performance of the helmet to the next dimension. The helmet showcases the all-new “Energy Wedge” faceguard attachment system. This pioneering system actually integrates the faceguard into the helmet itself, while also reducing the force of impacts to the faceguard. Continuous weld joints and flat wire make it stronger then traditional faceguards. The ION 4D also features the next generation of the game’s most innovative cushioning system – SKYDEX II. Superior to older, traditional foam padding, SKYDEX II offers more protective hemispheres, curved cushion shapes to exactly follow the contour of the helmet and increased field of vision. It’s the most comfortable helmet you'll ever wear – right out of the box! Experience the Next Dimension @

For more information: 800-426-9784 •

2008 Catalog • M/F Athletic/Perform Better

Perform Betters 2008 catalog, “The Guide to Functional Training” is now available. This 76 page publication is conveniently organized into 18 different categories covering a wide range of products from balance and stabilization training to speed and agility training. Included in each section are the essential tools for functional training plus informative training and rehabilitation tips. For a FREE copy call 800-556-7464.

For more information: 800-556-7464 •

GreatCatch • Cutters Gloves

Introducing Cutters GreatCatch, the first catching trainer to focus on the fingertips. Palms and heels of the hands cause bobbles and dropped passes, so GreatCatch takes them completely off the ball, literally forcing the finger tips to do the work. The result is softer, more reliable hands, and fewer bobbles and drops. Slip GreatCatch on and you’re ready for drills and scrimmages. Slip GreatCatch off and you'll be amazed how quickly muscle memory takes over. Put the key to great catches right at your fingertips.

For more information: 800-821-0231 •


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