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No Compromises

Rogers Athletic combines substance with style to create the next generation of the acclaimed Pendulum strength machines.
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A year ago, Tyler Hobson was frustrated. Despite having created what some have said was the best line of strength training machines in the world and building a blue-chip client list of NFL teams and Division I universities, he had strayed from the parts of the business he loved most. “My passion to design a unique and innovative line of strength training equipment led me to start Pendulum more than ten years ago,” said Hobson. “As a small family company, the more successful we became, the less time I had to spend on designing equipment and working with the trainers in the weight room. I knew Pendulum would have to jump to a new level in order to survive – I just didn’t know how.”

From day one, Pendulum equipment was different. Designed to target specific muscle groups using bio-mechanically correct motion, Pendulum allows athletes to gain maximum benefit with minimum stress on the spine and other joints. Hobson knew his designs were superior to those of his competition, but without a big name or a marketing budget, getting in the door was difficult. When he did get the chance to be face-to-face with strength coaches, even at the NFL level, he usually succeeded. Mark Asanovich, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and an NFL coach for 13 years, said of Pendulum, “I can confidently train my athletes on the Pendulum line of equipment knowing it is effective but also orthopedically sound.” But despite success with high-profile clients and accolades from coaches and athletes, Pendulum remained small.

Small, that is, until last fall, when Hobson and Rogers Athletic reached an agreement that would bring Pendulum equipment, with a few modifications, to strength and conditioning programs across the nation.

For Rogers’ General Manager Kyle Camp, the partnership is a natural fit. “Once we met with Tyler, saw the Pendulum line and learned about the success he had enjoyed with elite programs, teaming up just made great sense,” said Camp. “He’s worked with expert strength coaches and physical therapists in football and in the military to design machines that solve specific problems facing coaches and athletes. With at least 12 NFL teams and many top universities using Pendulum machines, it’s obvious that Tyler builds great equipment.”

In modifying the original Pendulum line to make the machines more appealing to a larger market, the challenge for Rogers has been to maintain the functionality of each piece of equipment while upgrading the materials for greater reliability and increased ease of use. “We made no compromises in creating the new Pendulum machines,” according to Camp. “We added details and workmanship to the entire line that only a world-class manufacturer could offer.”

Hobson was involved every step of the way. “I stood side by side with the engineers on the Rogers R & D floor, and we worked as long as it took to get it right,” recalled Hobson. “There is nothing more difficult than having to tear apart something you have been working on for months when you miss the mark, but that’s exactly what we did.” Over a period of several months, a team spirit emerged at Rogers headquarters. “It was amazing to see everybody from Rogers jumping in to make the transition work,” said Hobson. “Even CEO and founder David Rogers joined in – grinding, cutting, and sometimes running for pizza late at night. It was fantastic!”

Perhaps the biggest modification has been a complete updating of Pendulum’s ‘look’. “Weight training is an emotional activity,” said Camp. “We believe that by giving Pendulum an exciting new look, it will draw athletes in, resulting in more intense, therefore more productive and more effective workouts.” The results of Rogers’ makeover are stunning. From the signature black and red frames with sleek lines that feature dramatic angles and curves to the inviting, sculpted seats, the second-generation Pendulum line has set a new standard for style.

In a move believed to be the first of its kind, Rogers has decided to give coaches around the country a first-hand look at Pendulum through a showroom-on-wheels: a customized tractor trailer rig they’ve dubbed “The Rogers Mobile Armory.” During a 40-week tour, coaches will be invited to see the complete Pendulum line as the tour stops at high schools, colleges and pro facilities nationwide. It’s a major investment, but one Rogers is confident will pay off. “Pendulum is the best machinery in the world,” said Rogers’ Kyle Camp. “People need to experience it personally.”

Head Coach Bryan Pratt of McAlester (OK) High School, who is an existing Rogers strength equipment customer, had a chance to experience Pendulum at a tour stop in January. “The Pendulum machines are really unbelievable equipment,” said Pratt. “They slide so smooth and isolate muscle groups so well. Rogers is really doing something different for the weight room.”

Tyler Hobson will personally attend many tour stops and share his insights about Pendulum’s evolution and performance. He’ll also give personal demonstrations of the machines that made him a household name among the country’s elite strength trainers and now, with the help of Rogers Athletic, will be introduced to coaches everywhere. It’s an assignment he relishes. “It’s going to be a great thrill for me to show customers the Pendulum line,” he said. “After spending all those years grinding away, Rogers is making my dream a reality.”

You can find out more about Pendulum and The 2008 Mobile Armory Road Tour at or call 1-800-457-5337


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