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Belt Squat • Samson Equipment

The new Samson Belt Squat is yet another way Samson Equipment is leading the way in custom, heavy duty weight training equipment. This brand new design limits the amount of floor space needed for this unique piece, while remaining easy for athletes of all different sizes to use. Featuring adjustable handles, a unique load release that brings the athlete’s hands closer together while performing the exercise, an adjustable yoke that allows each athlete’s hips to stay in their natural range of motion, as well as an adjustable chain w/ 3 different size belts already included!

For more information: 800-4-SAMSON •

Muscle Milk Collegiate • CytoSport

Developed to meet the complex nutritional needs of today’s athletes, Muscle Milk Collegiate is rapidly becoming a key addition to weight rooms and nutrition programs across the country. Muscle Milk feeds hungry muscles by combining high quality protein, carbs and custom fat structures known as MCT’s – or medium chain triglycerides – so athletes can recover more efficiently from training. Forget about the high sugar content of other drinks, powders and bars…Muscle Milk products provide healthy, sustained energy and high quality ingredients for solid nutrition. Our motto at CytoSport is “Driven by Science – Inspired by Performance” – we make our products different so you can make a difference!

For more information: 707-747-3377 •

VOLT™ • Active Ankle

Presenting revolutionary new ankle protection for the higher performance athlete. The new VOLT™ ankle brace from Active Ankle has been engineered to include the latest carbon fiber technology. The polypropylene shell is reinforced with carbon fiber – the same high performance material used in racing cars and bicycles. It also features a molded bearing design performance hinge for smoother range of motion, strengthening ribs for a thinner profile and fabric backed EVA foam pads for durability and comfort.

For more information: 800-800-2896 •

The PlayCaller • Porta Phone

The PlayCaller is a revolutionary football Wireless that offers coaches full duplex, simultaneous talk communications without a base station or remote antenna. Since all PlayCaller radios are dual channel they can be configured to meet the needs of any high school or college program. The PlayCaller system is self-tuning, and features simple membrane switch assembly controls. In addition Porta Phone Ultra headsets are rugged, noise canceling and even include waterproof microphones. Porta Phone free catalog available upon request.

For more information: 800-233-1113 •

GreatCatch • Cutters Gloves

Introducing Cutters GreatCatch, the first catching trainer to focus on the fingertips. Palms and heels of the hands cause bobbles and dropped passes, so GreatCatch takes them completely off the ball, literally forcing the finger tips to do the work. The result is softer, more reliable hands, and fewer bobbles and drops. Slip GreatCatch on and you’re ready for drills and scrimmages. Slip GreatCatch off and you'll be amazed how quickly muscle memory takes over. Put the key to great catches right at your fingertips.

For more information: 800-821-0231 •


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