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July 2008

July 2008

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There’s no question that advances in technology have had a positive impact on football programs in recent decades. Digital editing systems have given coaching staffs play-analyzing capabilities that were unheard of just a few years ago. Wireless headset communication systems have become more powerful and more reliable and have freed coaches from the cumbersome wires of systems in the past. A long list of video accessory products such as duplicators have made tasks like sharing game footage with players easy and efficient. But there are downsides. Keeping up with new product introductions that help coaches maintain their competitive edge is a challenge. And dealing with multiple suppliers, all boasting that their equipment is the best, can take hours away from coaching responsibilities.

Two coaching legends, Steve Mohr of Trinity University in San Antonio and Greg Toal from Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey, believe they have found their way out of the technology maze. Both coaches rely on CoachComm as a single source for their primary technology needs.

In his 19 years at Division III Trinity, where he has compiled a 145-54 record while leading the Tigers to 14 Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championships, Coach Mohr has seen his technology needs change dramatically. “The days of videotape and having only one or two coaches in the booth are long gone,” said Mohr. “Everything has become so much faster, easier and more productive over the years.”

To keep up with evolving technology, Mohr has relied on CoachComm. “We’ve been using the PowerEdit digital video editing system since its creation and we used the SportsEdit system for four years before that,” according to Mohr. The PowerEdit system, according to CoachComm, lets coaches “do more, do it better, and do it faster than ever before” and Mohr agrees. “PowerEdit is fully customizable to our needs,” he said. “We can get self-scout and opponent breakdowns to send out to our players via the Internet. The capabilities are vast.”

One of CoachComm’s goals is to be able to fulfill virtually all of a football program’s technology product needs. In Trinity’s case, that means taking care of another of the team’s critical needs – sideline communications. With the premier Connex wireless headset system, Coach Mohr has a system he can rely on in critical game situations. “The ability to communicate effectively during a game is of utmost importance,” said Mohr. “With Connex, the reliability and battery life are the most important features. We can count on them to perform.”

Like Steve Mohr, Head Coach Greg Toal of Don Bosco Prep has enjoyed a storied career. Toal, the 2003 U.S. Army National Coach of the Year, has built a 95-9 record over nine seasons at Don Bosco. In 2007, the Ironmen captured their fourth New Jersey State Championship in the last six years and received a top-5 national ranking. Also like Mohr, Coach Toal is a dedicated CoachComm customer who depends on them for virtually all of the program’s technology needs.

While he admits he’s not the most tech-savvy coach in America, Toal understands the critical role that technology plays in achieving success both on and off the field. “Every year, we put more money into technology so we can stay competitive,” he commented. CoachComm helps Coach Toal stay competitive by providing the program with a versatile product mix that’s designed to cover all the bases – from the Connex wireless headset system and the PowerEdit video editing system to DVD duplication. Across the board, CoachComm’s products are the highest quality. “CoachComm has been great to work with,” said Toal. “They’re top-of-the-line.”

A big part of Coach Toal’s confidence in CoachComm stems from product performance in the high-pressure situations that all championship teams face. “The New Jersey State Championship games are held in Giants Stadium,” according to Toal. “A lot of headset systems don’t work well there and some don’t work at all,” he said. “But every year we’ve been fortunate enough to play for the state title, our Connex system has performed without a hitch.”

Most importantly for Coach Toal, using CoachComm as a single source for his technology needs has made his life and those of his coaching staff easier – allowing them to focus more on winning games. “The coaches that use our CoachComm systems love them,” said Toal, “and it sure has helped that we get all of our products from them. CoachComm’s customer service is great!”

Hearing these remarks, from legendary coaches that have been on top for many years, is very satisfying to CoachComm’s Director of Sales Mike Whitley. “One of our primary goals as a company is to be able to provide coaches with the full spectrum of technology products and services,” said Whitley. “Whether it’s headsets, video or editing, it’s all here and it’s all of the highest quality. And, as Coach Mohr and Coach Toal have shown, using CoachComm as a primary supplier of technology products can really help a program succeed on the highest level.”

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