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Promoting Players • College Coaches Network

College Coaches Network (CCN) recognizes that one of the hardest jobs of the coach is promoting your players – especially your Sub-D I prospects. CCN’s Give Every Player a Chance to Play™ program is designed specifically for high school coaches and leverages the CCN online platform ( to support the critical role you play in recruiting. Whether helping with your superstars or giving national exposure to your Sub-D I players, CCN provides recruiting resources that can help manage your time and even make game video delivery to college coaches easier. To learn more about Give Every Player a Chance to Play™ contact College Coaches Network.

For more information: 866-426-3883 •

The Telex Legacy • Telex Communications, Inc.

The Telex® Legacy™ Series is a full duplex (simultaneous talk and listen), multi-channel, wireless intercom system. Legacy offers a complete solution for 2 to 10 coaches per sideline, fast and easy set-up, durable beltpacks, 64 bit audio encryption, and professional grade headsets. The main components of the Legacy™ series are the XO-1 beltpack and the XO-AP base station. The XO-1 beltpack offers the user two separate audio channels and the ability to communicate on both channels at the same time. The user can talk and listen on these channels or just turn off the talk button and listen only. The beltpack uses an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will provide up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. The XO-AP base station can support up to ten XO-1 beltpacks. The base station provides a central relay location which handles the audio traffic between beltpacks. The built-in base station intelligence called ClearScan™ automatically selects the best RF (Radio Frequency) channel for communications on start-up. The base station also uses an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted operation.

For more information: 877-863-4169 •

Decals • Pro Helmet Decals

Located in Ocala, FL, Pro Helmet Decals supplies the highest quality helmet and equipment decals at the guaranteed lowest prices. Die-Cut-To-Shape from tough 20-mil clear flexible vinyl that adheres tight with the highest quality adhesive. Founded in 2006, Pro Helmet Decals is already supplying decals to the professional and collegiate level as well as to high school and youth teams. Why buy your next decals from Pro Helmet Decals? Simple… highest quality decals, championship-level customer service, and prices that shut the competition out! Call or email for free samples.

For more information: 352-598-4059 •

Electronic Sports Whistle

Spalding introduces the Electronic Sports Whistle. This hand-operated whistle is designed to replicate the sound of a mouth blown whistle. The whistle offers three distinct tones to help players differentiate between coaches during on-field drills. Providing ease of use, clarity of sound, reduction in multi-field noise confusion, and of course sanitation, the Electronic Sports Whistle is ideal for team practices. Also the electronic whistle provides a more consistent sound and allows the user to speak while the whistle is in use.

For more information: 800-772-5346 •

Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Multi-Rack

Using our years of experience and commitment to quality we’ve created the ultimate Multi-Rack. The new rugged Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Multi-Rack exemplifies what makes Hammer Strength the most trusted brand of strength equipment in the fitness industry. The Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Multi-Rack is visually appealing with a space-efficient design that provides the ultimate workout experience for your members.

For more information: 800-634-8637 •


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