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Digital Video Editing • APEX Sports Software

APEX is the top choice of coaches at all levels for all of their game film needs. Time saving features like Live Game Day Capture and Auto Checkerboard enable you to get your games ready for breakdown faster than ever. APEX’s patented Voice Recognition process allows you to simply speak in all of the data for each play. Our Tendencies and Reporting package is consistently rated as the best in the industry. Use the wireless Sidewinder Remote for fast and efficient film study. The Locker Room team website has set the standard for ease of use: send Highlights and Cutups to your customized website with the click of a single button.

For more information: 800-451-2029 •

GreatCatch • Cut

Introducing Cutters GreatCatch, the first catching trainer to focus on the fingertips. Palms and heels of the hands cause bobbles and dropped passes, so GreatCatch takes them completely off the ball, literally forcing the finger tips to do the work. The result is softer, more reliable hands, and fewer bobbles and drops. Slip GreatCatch on and you’re ready for drills and scrimmages. Slip GreatCatch off and you’ll be amazed how quickly muscle memory takes over. Put the key to great catches right at your fingertips. 

For more information: 800-821-0231 •

BTR-1 Wireless Intercom • Telex

The Telex® RadioCom™ BTR-1 UHF wireless intercom is the ultimate in reliable, high-performance, digitally encrypted full duplex communication. The BTR-1 system includes the BTR-1 frequency-agile base station and the TR-1 frequency-agile beltpack. The base station provides the beltpack with access to a six-intercom port matrix, for connecting two-wire intercom systems made by Telex®, Audiocom®, RTS®, and Clear-Com®. The system also easily interfaces with four-wire systems. One of the six intercom lines can also be used for wireless-only communication intercom. Though perfectly suited for stand-alone operation, the BTR-1 system can be easily expanded to incorporate dozens more base stations. The high-efficiency TR-1 beltpack provides up to nine hours of uninterrupted operation using standard alkaline batteries.

For more information: 877-863-4169 •

Muscle Milk Collegiate • CytoSport

Developed to meet the complex nutritional needs of today’s athletes, Muscle Milk Collegiate has become a key addition to weight rooms and nutrition programs across the country. Muscle Milk feeds hungry muscles by combining high quality protein, carbs and custom fat structures known as MCT’s – or medium chain triglycerides – so athletes can recover more efficiently from training. Forget about the high sugar content of other drinks, powders and bars…Muscle Milk products provide healthy, sustained energy and high quality ingredients for solid nutrition all with Zero Lactose! Our motto at CytoSport is “Driven by Science – Inspired by Performance” – we make our products different so you can make a difference.

For more information: 707-747-3377 •

Full Body Squat

Power Lift’s Full Body Squat is the latest addition to the lower-body strength training equipment line. The design of the full body squat provides for a broader range of motion through the hip than traditional leg presses. Users can perform explosive movements due to the low inertia created from the four bar linkage design. Adjustable shoulder pads will allow users of all heights to properly align themselves in the unit. Single leg movements can be performed as well by lowering the single leg isolator to the proper position. Standard features include; weight storage, four-weight loading horns, band attachments, single leg isolator, and an oversized angled footplate.

For more information: 800-872-1543 •


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