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GEAR - American Football Monthly showcases products seen on the floor of the annual AFCA convention in January.

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The Hip Thrust Sled is the ultimate off-season strength and conditioning machine to develop strength and power in the hips. It is the only sled on the market that allows you to drive with your hips under you instead of behind you. The unique design allows you to either start with your hips behind you in a “drive position” or start in a “power position” with your hips under your shoulders. Lightweight and portable, the Hip Thrust Sled is easy to move from indoor facility to outdoor playing fields. Made entirely out of aluminum, it will never rust.

For more information: 800-243-0398 •

The CoachComm Tempest NG system is a revolutionary, new three-channel wireless intercom system that operates up to five wireless belt stations per base station in full duplex simultaneous operation. With the ability to add up to three base stations per system, the Tempest NG system has the capability for up to fifteen wireless coaches. The CoachComm NG sideline communications system is the industry benchmark for performance and value. The NG system has been placed in over 65% of Division I programs from coast to coast since the 2004 season. Their original wireless system, the UC, is currently still in use at over 30% of the remaining D-I programs.

For more information: 800-749-2761 •

GearBoss presents their new line of Grid Lockers– the new thinking in team room lockers. GearBoss Grid Lockers are a big part of creating a team room that stands apart. The open grid construction promotes airflow and debris drop-through, resulting in a room that is infinitely easier to clean, more sanitary, faster drying and better smelling. Three configurations are available – open, grille door or wood door. The Grid Lockers feature a locking footlocker, a built-in security strongbox and an integrated bench which eliminates the need for floor-mounted benches or folding chairs – opening up the room for more effective team meetings. GearBoss Grid Lockers create a team room that carries a high-end aesthetic to reflect your pride and traditions.

For more information: 800-4WENGER •

The new model 1575 5-Pad Football Compression Girdle from Stromgren Athletics provides great protection and compression features that Stromgren has always given the football athlete, but with a new look and design. The new hip pad design protects the iliac crest with high compression foam. Made with anti-microbial fabric, the 1575 is perforated to wick perspiration away from the body and it washes and dries better than ever. The new thigh pad design is also perforated to wick moisture and it meets all NFHS specifications. Scientific research has proven the FlexPad compression system can help reduce muscle vibration, which will help reduce muscle fatigue, which will help an athlete play longer at their highest level.

For more information: 800-527-1988 •

Power Lift’s Free Standing Squat Stand can be used for all major lifts including: squats, push press, bench press and the Olympic movements. Free Standing Squat Stands are ideal for facilities with minimal space or for those looking to combine a rack with an existing Olympic Platform. The Free Standing Squat Stands feature 10 different bar positions and wheels for easy movement. When combined with a Collegiate Series bench and the optional chin up handle a space saving lifting station can be created. The bases are constructed from 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” 7 gauge steel and the uprights are constructed from 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel.

For more information: 800-872-1543 •


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