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The original Athletic Super Striper & Athletic Super Stripe Paint make it easy and affordable to stripe your field like a pro. The highly pigmented Athletic Super Stripe Paint gives you crisp, long lasting stripes every time and it’s guaranteed to empty completely and not clog for 10 years. Just one case will stripe an entire football field. The Athletic Super Striper’s big 10-inch wheels will tackle your field in no time and the striper comes with a lifetime guarantee. In 1970, Fox Valley Systems originated the upside down aerosol paint can and continues to be a leader in manufacturing quality, American-made marking paint and equipment.

For more information: 800-787-4737 •


Developed to meet the complex nutritional needs of today’s athletes, Muscle Milk Collegiate is rapidly becoming a key addition to weight rooms and nutrition programs across the country. Muscle Milk feeds hungry muscles by combining high quality protein, carbs and custom fat structures known as MCT’s – or medium chain triglycerides – so athletes can recover more efficiently from training. Forget about the high sugar content of other drinks, powders and bars…Muscle Milk products provide healthy, sustained energy and high quality ingredients for solid nutrition. Our motto at CytoSport is “Driven by Science – Inspired by Performance” – we make our products different so you can make a difference!

For more information: 707-747-3377 •


Maximize your time on the most difficult to practice phases of the game with the new Snap Attack Football Machine by Sports Attack. This innovative, quality, extremely portable training tool can not only pass the ball at throwing height for any offensive or defensive drills without the quarterback, but it can simulate a realistic snap from a ground position for drills such as shotgun, and no-back offense, as well as to emphasize the kicking game. Sold separately, Sports Attack offers a remote control which feeds the ball instantly or delayed allowing the coach to control the tempo of the practice. The remote control also allows the punter and extra-point kicker and holder to work alone. Sports Attack’s innovative sports training equipment is used by institutional, club, and professional teams around the world.

For more information: 800-717-4251 •


From the “Linc to Lambeau,” AAE’s Hinged Offset Football Goals are gaining popularity in the NFL and schools across the country. The HSG goals incorporate a unique hinged base plate that permits removal and reinstallation of the goals on an as needed basis. So they’re perfect for fields used for multiple purposes – football, soccer, lacrosse, graduations and other special events. And check out the perfect storage solution when goals are removed – AAE’s Goal Post Carrier.

For more information: 800-523-5471 •


Introducing Cutters GreatCatch, the first catching trainer to focus on the fingertips. Palms and heels of the hands cause bobbles and dropped passes, so GreatCatch takes them completely off the ball, literally forcing the finger tips to do the work. The result is softer, more reliable hands, and fewer bobbles and drops. Slip GreatCatch on and you’re ready for drills and scrimmages. Slip GreatCatch off and you’ll be amazed how quickly muscle memory takes over. Put the key to great catches right at your fingertips. 

For more information: 800-821-0231 •




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