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Champion’s Choice - Three dominating high school state champions rely on CoachComm’s Tempest FX system for reliable, clear sideline communication

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Many elements go into winning a state championship. Hard work, dedication, team unity and commitment all play a major role in a team’s rise to the top of their state’s ranks. So does having the right sideline communication system. Championship coaches know that it’s critical to have a proven, reliable headset system that can be counted on to perform in the high-pressure games they’ll face in the state playoffs.

That’s why so many state champion teams choose the Tempest FX system from CoachComm. Tempest FX relies on the same technology that’s in the CoachComm systems used by over 95% of Division I college teams, so it can be trusted in the biggest games in the biggest stadiums. The crystal-clear reception can be enhanced with the optional noise-cancelling Bose® headsets, providing secure communications between coaches with up to four separate conversations. Tempest FX delivers high-performance, powerful communications for coaches who want the very best on their sidelines.

To learn more about how Tempest FX provides winning coaches with trusted, reliable communications, we recently spoke to head coaches of three prominent 2012 state championship teams – Bob Beatty, who coached Trinity in Louisville, Kentucky to their 10th championship in his 12 years as head coach, Joe Willis, who led Cedar Park to their first Texas 4A Championship in his first year as head coach and Kenny Guillot of Parkview Baptist in Baton Rouge – the Louisiana 3A Champion for the 4th time in 11 years.

Can you sum up what your 2012 state championship meant to you, your team and the community?

Beatty: These young men fought a lot of adversity from the beginning of the season and really focused on one game at a time. It was very special for our community as well as our team. The Trinity community understands how difficult it is to get to the state championship.

Willis: It was a great experience for our kids and our community. For me as a coach, it was very satisfying to see the work our kids and coaches put into this season result in our first state championship in football. For our team, it established the standard for where and how we want to finish each season. 
Guillot: Last year, we were forced to overcome adversity, as one of our returning O-linemen passed away in February. This team might not have been our most talented group, but we were united. It was a very special championship for everyone on the team and in the community.

How long have you been using the CoachComm Tempest FX sideline communication system?

Beatty: We just purchased the system for last season.

Willis: This was our second season using the Tempest FX system, but we have always used CoachComm for our communication on Friday nights.

Guillot: Last season was our first year with the FX system, but we’ve been using CoachComm for 12 years.
How would you compare the system with other systems you’ve used in the past?

Beatty: Compared to other systems, it is like a Mercedes. It’s flawless. Easy to set up, and there are times I have to ask if the coaches are on the line because it is so quiet.

Willis: The Tempest FX system is the most reliable system out there. I like the fact that I can count on the system and CoachComm when the game is on the line. There is not another system I have ever used that provides that kind of peace of mind.

How did your system perform in the playoffs last season?

Beatty: The system performed perfectly. When we play at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium there is tremendous interference because of the proximity of the airport. The system filtered all of that out and worked perfectly. They worked flawlessly in the state championship game in Western Kentucky’s stadium as well.

Willis: We used our CoachComm system in the Alamodome in San Antonio, and it was crystal clear in that very large indoor stadium.
Guillot: When we played our championship game at the Superdome, we were concerned because they had moved the press box way up. But our Tempest FX system worked fine.

How many coaches do you have on the sideline and in the box during a game? Do you use different channels for different groups of coaches?

Beatty: We have five people up in the box and six people on the field. We use two different channels and I can switch from offense to defense at the touch of a switch.

Willis: We have six on the sideline and five in the box. We do use separate channels and I toggle back and forth.

Guillot: We have five offensive coaches and four defensive coaches on the system.

What are the most important features
of your Tempest FX system?

Beatty: The most important part of the system for us is the clarity. It’s amazing. The set up is also very easy.

Willis: Number one is reliability. Second is clarity and third is the service from CoachComm.

Guillot: For us, the noise cancelling and the comfort of the Bose headsets is the biggest thing. We’re a 3A school, and we often play in small stadiums. Many of our opponents have large marching bands that are very good, but they’re very loud, too. Plus, we play 4A and 5A schools that have large, loud bands as well. This used to be a big problem for us, but not anymore with the Bose headsets that are part of our FX system. They’ve made a huge difference.

How would you rate CoachComm in terms
of customer service and support?

Beatty: We loved that we did a trial run on the system before we purchased it. To have a representative come to Louisville and show us how to set up the phones in a huge game and let us trial run this system sold the unit. This was the deciding factor on purchasing the system. It didn’t hurt that we also won the game!

Willis: CoachComm customer service is top notch. Every time we have a question they are quick to produce a solution. If we are playing at a venue where we anticipate issues, they are right there on site to make sure everything is working exactly right. For me, that peace of mind is what makes CoachComm an investment and not just an expenditure.

Guillot: CoachComm’s customer service is unbelievable! We have even called them on Saturday morning and gotten a response right away.


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