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Four state champion coaches rely on the Tempest FX sideline communications system from CoachComm.

All high school coaches know that it’s critical to have clear, reliable communications during a game. The ability to share information between coaches in the press box and those on the sideline has, for years, determined much of a team’s in-game strategy. An interrupted signal or unclear reception can spell disaster.
    But the best coaches, those that win state championships, also realize that they need to have the most reliable and technologically-advanced sideline communications available if they want to have an edge in pressure-filled state playoff games, which are often held at the largest stadiums in their state. So, more often than not, they turn to the system that has the same technology used by 97% of Division I collegiate programs – the Tempest FX system from CoachComm.
    Tempest FX delivers high-performance, powerful communications for coaches who want to be champions. Reliability and clarity of headset conversations are two of the most important factors that define the best systems, and Tempest FX rates high in each. The system also scores big in flexibility, with up to four communications channels available – enough for even the largest coaching staff. State champion coaches have found that, for an affordable investment, they can get the peace of mind that comes from having the best, most proven headset system – Tempest FX – from the leader in coaches’ communications – CoachComm.
    To learn more about how Tempest FX provides winning coaches with trusted, reliable communications, we recently spoke to head coaches of four prominent 2013 state champion teams. Tony Sanchez led national powerhouse Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas to their fifth consecutive Nevada Division 1 state championship. Mark Freeman coached the Spanish Fort Toros to their 3rd Alabama 5A state championship in four years. Last season, Ed Croson led Chaminade in West Hills, California to their first-ever CIF Division II championship and Gabe Infante coached St Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia to their first-ever Pennsylvania AAAA state championship.

Last season, you coached your team to a state championship. Can you sum up what the experience meant to you and the school community?
Sanchez: This past season I was extremely proud of the way in which we competed week in and week out. We started off the year with some adversity and our boys showed some real guts over a 15-game football season and were playing their best football at the end. There are so many people involved in our success at Bishop Gorman and I know each and every one was proud of the accomplishment.
Freeman: Winning the state championship was a huge blessing to our players, coaches and community.
Croson: This was definitely a milestone for us. We have been close in years past, but to get over the top gave us a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It was a unifying event for our school and a culmination of a huge commitment by a lot of people.
Infante: It was the culmination of many years of hard work and sacrifice. The outpouring of support and gratitude from our alumni, former players and the entire Prep community was overwhelming.
How long have you been using the CoachComm Tempest FX sideline communication system?
Sanchez: We’ve been using CoachComm headsets for five years but this past season was our first using the Tempest FX sideline system.
Freeman: We have been using CoachComm for several years. We hear of teams going into certain stadiums and communication is terrible. We recently upgraded to the Tempest FX system and it is unbelievable. 
Croson: We’ve had the Tempest FX system for two years. We had another CoachComm system before we upgraded.
Infante: Last year was our first year with the Tempest FX, and I could not have been happier with our choice.
How would you compare the system with other systems you’ve used in the past?
Sanchez: The Tempest FX sideline system is by far the best I’ve used over the past 16 years. Our communication was really improved with this new system which is a key to success on game day.
Freeman: The clarity on game night is second to none. Our first time to use the system was on a nationally televised ESPN game in front of the largest home crowd we have ever had. Our stadium does not separate the bleachers and field because we don’t have a track at this site. The noise level would have affected us greatly if we had not been using the Tempest FX system.
Croson: The Tempest FX system is much clearer and much more dependable. We are happy with the performance.

Infante: In one word, “superior.” The system gives us unprecedented capabilities. It facilitated communication on game day in ways I could not have imagined.

How did your system perform in the playoffs and state championship last season?
Sanchez: Throughout the playoffs our sideline system was flawless. When we played at Sam Boyd Stadium our headsets worked just as they had all season long – with crystal clear communication between our staff.
Freeman: The different channel options allow almost any set up you desire. We have won the State Championship at Bryant Denny Stadium, home to the University of Alabama, as well as Jordan Hare, home of the Auburn Tigers. The Tempest FX system worked perfectly on both occasions.
Croson: Outstanding. We’ve played in some big venues and the high quality of the Tempest FX system is consistent regardless of where we play.

Infante: The championship game, at Hershey Park, was televised state-wide and there were numerous agencies broadcasting the game so I was a little concerned there might be some interference with our system, but our Tempest FX system performed flawlessly.

How many coaches on the sideline and in the box use the system during a game? Do you use different channels for different groups of coaches?
Sanchez: We have eight coaches on the sidelines and three up in the box. We use two different channels, offense and defense, that we can switch in and out of.
Freeman: We have four upstairs pieces and six down on the field.
Croson: Three up and four down. We use separate channels for offense, defense and special teams.

Infante: We have eight coaches total on the system during a game. We configure our system so we have four coaches upstairs, and four downstairs including myself. We use three separate channels dedicated to offense, defense and special teams. The fourth channel we keep open so I can talk privately to any one of my coordinators.

What are the most important features of your Tempest FX system?
Sanchez: The most important features of the system are clarity, reliability, and set up. The clarity is by far the best I’ve used over the years.
Freeman: The set up is very easy and has never been an issue. I would highly recommend trying the Tempest system.
Croson: For me, the most important feature of the Tempest FX system is its reliability. Second would be its outstanding clarity.

Infante: Obviously, reliability was a key concern for us. We can’t afford to have our communication system fail in the middle of one of our contests. However, I think what attracted me most was the system’s versatility. We can configure the system to meet our unique needs.  

How would you rate CoachComm in terms of customer service and support?
Sanchez: Over the past five plus years, I can say that CoachComm has always had impeccable customer service and support in dealing with us. With the purchase of our new system they really went all out in making sure we had a complete knowledge of use and application of our system before the season began.
Freeman: The CoachComm staffs in sales and service are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Croson: Excellent service. At one point I had a problem with unintentionally hitting the wrong button. Billy came out right away and “kid-proofed it” for me. We’ve had no problems since.
Infante: First class. They are like extended members of our coaching staff. I feel like they are vested in our performance and success and thus are willing to do whatever it takes to help us get the job done.


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