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Drills Report: Quarterback Drills You Can Use At Any Level

by: Paul McCord
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In this Drills Report there will be three different drills for quarterbacks – One Foot Throw, The Levels Drill, and the Quarterback Scramble Drill. Each one is designed to improve a different area of the quarterback’s technique.

One Foot Throws Drill
(Diagram 1)


•  Develop the QB to take a drop on a straight line.
•  Teach him how to throw over defenders in small windows.
•  Frequency: one or two times per week.
•  Good drill to use during special teams if QBs are available.

Description: The QB will take a five or seven-step drop on a line. After he plants his back foot, he will throw over the defender who is standing 10-15 yards away to the WR. The defender will be standing with his hands in the air trying to knock the ball down. Play-action passes can also be practiced with this drill.

Levels Drill
(Diagram 2)


•  Develop the QB reads on the different levels of defenders.
•  Work on improving the QB drops and hitch steps in the pocket.
•  Helps keep the QB’s eyes downfield while still in his drop.
•  Frequency: Once per week.

Description: The QB will take a five or seven-step drop. While on his drop, he will read the three wide receivers that are downfield. If the third level receiver is open (a post, fade route, etc.) the QB will throw to him off his 5/7 foot drop. If not, he will hitch up the second level (dig, curl, etc.). If this receiver is not open, he will hitch up to the first level wide receiver (crossing route, mesh, etc.) and throw to him. If all three WRs are covered, then the QB will take off and run. You can also work play-action passes as well with this drill.

Scramble Drill
(Diagram 3-8)

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

Diagram 5

Diagram 6

Diagram 7

Diagram 8


•  Develop pocket awareness.
•  Learn how to escape out of the pocket.
•  Helps give the QB multiple options after leaving the pocket.
•  Works on QBs mechanics in throwing on the run.
•  Frequency: one or two times per week.


The QB will take a five-step drop and read the rusher from his blindside. If the rusher comes to his front shoulder, he will reverse out of the pocket. If the rusher comes to his back shoulder, he will then step up and escape the pocket but gaining depth away from the LOS at the same time to help distance himself from the defense. Once out of the pocket, the QB will decide his best option by reading the run/pass option by the scout defender.


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