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  • Five Keys to Building Your Program Through Off-Season Training
    2019-02-01 - Robert Pomazak, Strength and Conditioning Coach, St. Charles North High School (
  • Strength Report: An In-Season Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes
    2018-08-01 - Tobias Jacobi
  • Strength Report: An In-Season Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes
    2017-09-01 -
  • Strength Report: Work Capacity Training
    2017-08-01 -
  • Strength Report: Single Leg Training
    2017-07-01 - Doug Heslip
  • Programming and Sequencing the Blue Raider Way By Jason Spray, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Middle Tennessee State University
    2017-07-01 -
  • Over Ten Years of the Strength Report
    2017-06-01 - Rex Lardner
  • Strength Report: Football Specific Conditioning, Part II
    2017-06-01 -
  • Strength Report: Football Specific Conditioning, Part I
    2016-06-01 - Gary Uribe, Head Athletic Performance Coach, Mike Nicolini, Lead Assistant Athle
  • Hal Mumme The Godfather of the Air Raid Offense
    2016-06-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • Off-Season Drill Work for Offensive Linemen
    2016-06-01 - Bart Miller
  • Every Program Needs a Speed System Like the One at Southeastern Louisiana
    2016-02-01 - Ron Roberts Head Coach
  • Conditioning for an Aggressive, Up-Tempo Offensive System
    2016-02-01 - Scott Salwasser
  • Priorities For a Championship Off-Season
    2016-02-01 - Jared M. Wood, Ph.D.
  • Post- Season Priorities - Wrapping up one season and transitioning to the next are critical times for successful programs
    2016-02-01 - JohnAllen Snyder
  • Subscribers Ask with Shawn Liotta part II
    2016-02-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • Using the Clean and Jerk as Your In-Season Workout
    2015-08-01 - Tim Tobin Assistant Coach and S&C Coach Tusculum College
  • Speed Report: Mining for Nuggets Understanding the Gems That Maximize Football Speed
    2015-08-01 - Dale Baskett
  • ALL IN: Prevention and Psychological Treatment of Football Injuries
    2015-08-01 - Jared M. Wood, Ph.D.
  • Ways to Turn a Season Around Four Coaches Have Proven Ways to Help Turn a Season Around After a Struggling Start
    2015-08-01 - David Purdham
  • RAISING THE BAR - Transforming your Training Facility
    2015-08-01 -
  • An In-Season Strength and Conditioning Strategy
    2015-07-01 - Scott Sinclair
  • Leadership Strategies: In Need of a New Direction
    2015-07-01 - Josh Hood and Justin Poncy
  • Texas Legend Phil Danaher
    2015-07-01 - JohnAllen Snyder
  • Having a Dominant Defense at the Point of Attack URI uses a four word progression every snap to maximize the play of their defensive line.
    2015-07-01 - Joe Coniglio
  • Articles 1 to 25 of 885


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