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  • Maximizing Your Goal Line Defense – The Okie Hot defense is intended for use at the goal line and its efficiency is dependent on players following alignment rules as well as their execution.
    2015-03-01 - Christian Guenther
  • Defensive Backs: Techniques, Fundamentals, Tips and Drills (Part II)
    2015-01-01 - Randy Awrey
  • Defensive Backs Techniques, Fundamentals, Tips and Drills (Part I)
    2014-12-01 - Randy Awrey
  • Zone Defense on the Goal Line - To be efficient in this zone defense, give each player a specific responsibility.
    2014-10-01 - Rey Hernandez
  • The Art of the Interception – Proper positioning and anticipation are two prerequisites for making an interception.
    2014-08-01 - JohnAllen W. Snyder
  • Flex Fronts: Stop offenses by using a different front on every play.
    2014-07-01 - Eugene Wilson
  • Fixed Front: Defending trips to the field and in the boundary with a stable pre-snap look
    2014-07-01 - Kyle Langhoff
  • Pressure Defenses, Part II: Having the proper angle for each player is crucial in pursuing a ball carrier in space.
    2014-07-01 - Lou Varley
  • Pressure Defenses (Part I) – Specific stunts and gap exchanges – when coordinated correctly – can improve team defense.
    2014-06-01 - Lou Varley
  • The 35 Defensive Package Cover 3, Cover 4, and Blitz Packages Part II
    2014-05-01 - Matt Welch
  • BOTTLING UP THE RUN Complete D-Line Drills to Eliminate the Middle Running Game
    2014-05-01 - Ned Panfile
  • The 35 Defensive Package: The 35 defensive package can adjust to multiple formations and motion without having to change personnel.
    2014-04-01 - Matt Welch
  • DEFENSIVE BLUEPRINT - Lehigh's 11 Keys to a Championship Defense
    2014-04-01 - Gerard Wilcher
  • Defensive Back Attack Force
    2014-03-01 - Jamison Bisch
  • Why Cover 4? How this alignment can be effective against both the run and the pass.
    2014-02-01 - Richard Shepas
  • Getting Defensive – Cocoa High School’s base 3-3-5 defense shuts down nearly every opponent they face.
    2014-01-01 - Dallas Jackson
  • Step Lively! Linebacker Movements vs. the Run
    2014-01-01 - Mike Ricketts
  • Confuse the Quarterback, Part II – Disguise your blitzes to stop the run and still defend the pass.
    2014-01-01 - Rey Hernandez
  • Zone Blitzes and Coverages in the 4-3 Stack Defense
    2014-01-01 -
  • Confuse the Quarterback (Part I)
    2013-12-01 - Rey Hernandez
  • Multiple Looks from a 3-4 Defense to Slow Down an Up-Tempo Offense
    2013-10-01 - Joe Willis
  • Developmental Tackling Part II: Hashmark-to-Boundary Drills and Pursuit Drills to improve overall tackling
    2013-08-01 - Brent Steuerwald
  • D-Line Rules vs. Outside Zone and Zone Read
    2013-08-01 - Ray DeFrisco
  • D-Back Run Stoppers Both the Key Read Drill and Block Escape Circuit Drill will improve defensive backs’ recognition of the run.
    2013-08-01 - Ernest Moore
  • Three Pillars of Defensive Prep
    2013-07-01 - Jeff McDonald
  • Articles 1 to 25 of 206

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