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  • Confuse the Quarterback (Part I)
    2013-12-01 - Rey Hernandez
  • Two Minute Crunch Time: 'Go-To' Plays and a Clock-Killing Strategy
    2013-10-01 - David Purdum
  • Multiple Looks from a 3-4 Defense to Slow Down an Up-Tempo Offense
    2013-10-01 - Joe Willis
  • Rolling Thunder - Be efficient in the 'compressed' Red Zone.
    2013-10-01 - Mitch Burton
  • Developmental Tackling Part II: Hashmark-to-Boundary Drills and Pursuit Drills to improve overall tackling
    2013-08-01 - Brent Steuerwald
  • Human Shield: The shield punt formation maximizes protection and coverage.
    2013-08-01 - Aaron Johnson
  • D-Line Rules vs. Outside Zone and Zone Read
    2013-08-01 - Ray DeFrisco
  • D-Back Run Stoppers Both the Key Read Drill and Block Escape Circuit Drill will improve defensive backs’ recognition of the run.
    2013-08-01 - Ernest Moore
  • Sprint Out! One of the keys for a successful sprint out passing game is protecting the backside of your quarterback.
    2013-08-01 - Matt Franzen, Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach and Grant Mollring
  • New Weapon – More and more offenses are adding a read-option scheme to incorporate the QB into the running game.
    2013-07-01 - Eric Long
  • Three Pillars of Defensive Prep
    2013-07-01 - Jeff McDonald
  • Inside Zone Variations
    2013-07-01 - Todd Stratton
  • Zoned Out – Stop the zone read cold with Steve Specht’s “Read Scheme”
    2013-06-01 - JohnAllen Snyder
  • Wide Open – Coaches share strategies for winning in summer 7-on-7 competitions.
    2013-06-01 - David Purdum
  • Quarters vs. the Run Game – Adding the Safeties
    2013-06-01 - Mark Thoephel
  • Understanding Coverages and How to Attack Them
    2013-05-01 - Gene Suhr
  • Running the Triple Option in the Pistol
    2013-05-01 - Nate Cochran
  • Defending the Power Play
    2013-05-01 - J.G Aegerter
  • Take to the Air – Transform your Wing-T into a dynamic passing attack.
    2013-04-01 - Jared Van Acker
  • Inside Linebacker Reads in the 3-4 Defense – The 3-4 defense gives the inside linebackers a read on the uncovered guard through to the fullback.
    2013-04-01 - Jack Beidler
  • Tackling Drills Without Full Contact – Tackling progressions for both the head-up and profile tackle can be taught to emphasize safety.
    2013-04-01 - Johnny Metcalf
  • Developing an Efficient Kickoff Team – Following a detailed teaching progression for your kickoff team will maximize their potential.
    2013-04-01 - Juan Vasquez
  • Getting the Most From Your Screen Game – An effective screen game is the perfect answer to an overly-aggressive defense.
    2013-04-01 - Rich Holzer
  • Zone Blocking, Part III – Proper Stances and Footwork
    2013-03-01 - Ken Wilmesherr
  • Maximizing Special Teams Practice Time – Circuit drills for both kickoffs and punt units can help improve special teams play.
    2013-03-01 - Bill Russell
  • Articles 76 to 100 of 382


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