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  • AFM Subscribers Ask with Shawn Liotta Offensive Coordinator, Clairton High School (PA)
    2015-07-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • Turning Up Motivation in the Dog Days of August
    2015-06-01 - Jared Wood
  • We Are The Champions
    2015-06-01 - David Purdum
  • The Hybrid Wing Attack You can create mismatches at the POA by using the Hybrid Wing Offense
    2015-06-01 - Greg Myers
  • Coaching the Blitzing Linebacker Learning the proper progressions, techniques, and then drills for a blitzing linebacker will improve his performance on game day.
    2015-06-01 - Kyle Schenk
  • Coaching HD Technology to Prepare Your Team in Camp and During the Season
    2015-06-01 - Keith Grabowski
  • Your Take: Long Hours, Hard Work Do You Spend Your Time Doing What Matters Most?
    2015-06-01 - David Buchanan
  • Developing Physical Linebacker Play
    2015-06-01 - Scott Farison
  • Coach to Coach: Follow These Four Keys to Become a Better Coach Every Day
    2015-05-01 - Jared Wood
  • Improve Your Pass Defense by Stealing the QB's Time - Defensive backs can adjust their coverage with pre-snap quarterback reads.
    2015-05-01 - Rey Hernandez
  • Go High, Go Low - Attacking Coverages with High-Low Route Concepts
    2015-05-01 - Steve Heck, Wide Receivers Coach and Matthew Pirolli
  • Are You Short on Big Linemen? If so, you should consider playing a stand-up Will End
    2015-05-01 - Jim Place
  • Gaining Leverage - Using unbalanced sets and formations can give your offense an advantage.
    2015-05-01 - Alvin Parker
  • A Complete Summer Conditioning Program
    2015-05-01 - Antoine Sharp
  • Drills Report: The Wall Punt Return
    2015-04-01 - Randy Awrey
  • Wisconsin: Developing a Defensive Game Plan
    2015-04-01 - Dave Aranda
  • Maximizing Your Defensive Circuit Drills Turnover, tackling, and block destruction drills can improve your defensive play.
    2015-04-01 - Scott Yoder
  • Technology Steps Up Aided by recent rules changes, tech companies now give coaches valuable new tools to analyze games in real time.
    2015-04-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • AEMA Report The Second Football Season
    2015-04-01 -
  • Coaching HD: Train the Brain
    2015-04-01 - Keith Grabowski
  • Drills Report: Quarterback Drills You Can Use At Any Level
    2015-03-01 - Paul McCord
  • Building a Program From the Ground Up - South Alabama Head Coach Joey Jones
    2015-03-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • The No-Huddle, No-Mercy Offense A Look Inside the Most Productive Offense in the Nation
    2015-03-01 - Shawn Liotta
  • Maximizing Your Goal Line Defense The Okie Hot defense is intended for use at the goal line and its efficiency is dependent on players following alignment rules as well as their execution.
    2015-03-01 - Christian Guenther
  • Rawlings Football 2014 College and High School Coaches of the Year
    2015-02-01 - AFM Editorial Staff
  • Articles 26 to 50 of 1424


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